Air Force One
Air Force One
Vital statistics
Type Vehicle
Cost to buy N/A
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Quote1 Mr. Stark, I'm about to eat honey roast ham surrounded by the agency's finest. And the President is safe on Air Force One with Colonel Rhodes. I think we're good here. Quote2
- Vice President Vincent Rodriguez to Iron Man

Air Force One is the designation to planes that transport the POTUS.


During the Extremis War, President Matthew Ellis was aboard the Air Force One, where he witnessed the Mandarin broadcasting himself assassinating the Roxxon executive Thomas Richards. After warning the President to call him to spare Richard's lives, he killed him nonetheless, which led Ellis to order Iron Patriot to travel to Pakistan, the last confirmed location of the terrorist.

Eric Savin, disguised as Iron Patriot, boarded the Air Force One. During the plane's flight over Florida, Savin showed his true colors and started killing all of the president's security, eventually reaching Ellis himself. After putting Matthew in the Iron Patriot armor which he programmed to fly to the Norco, he fought against Iron Man.