Airview Base
Halo Reach - Fairview Base
Vital statistics
Type Base
Secrecy Level Public
Location Viery, Reach
Airview Base was a small outpost of the UNSC, located near Sword Base, at the Babd Catha Ice Shelf.


SPARTAN-IIIs Kat-B320 and David-B312 were sent to reactive two anti-air guns at the base on July 26th, 2552, in order to clear the sky for UNSC dropships to land.

On August 2552, the base had been overrun by Covenant forces, who placed two Type-38 Tyrants near it. On August 29th, 2552, David-B312 was sent to take the Tyrants out with a M808B Scorpion with the help of an ODST platoon.