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The Banished are an offshoot team of Exiles. They were created when the Timebroker tired of his current Exiles. So rather than eliminating them, he trapped them in the Tallus, and started a new team.

Banished's Roster[]

Character/Reality Image Trivia/Earth Differences Potential Reward/Punishment
Magi (Earth-8493)
Magi Banished
Founding Member

Earth differs after Decimation, when she went under Dr. Strange's apprenticeship.

Reward: prevents murder of her teacher, Stephen Strange.

Punishment: Reality wiped from existence.

Victor (Earth-98)
Victor Banished
Founding Member

No noticeable difference in his Earth.

First to die in battle.

Reward: Saves mother from hell, becomes an Avenger

Punishment: Tempers with Invisible Woman's suit, breaks up Fantastic 4, and is sent to hell.

Silver Spider (Earth-1992)
Silver Spider Banished
Founding Member

Leader of an alternate Offspringaverse's Avengers.

Prefers using combat experience over powers.

Reward: TBD

Punishment: After gaining amnesia in a fight on home dimension, he is mind-wiped and becomes a supervillain.

Fantastic (Earth-17045)
Super-Skrull Banished
Founding Member

Gained powers through cosmic radiation exposure, not through genetic tampering.

One of the head Avengers on his homeworld.

No Fantastic Four in his world.

Reward: Able to prevent the massacre of the Skrulls by the Kree.

Punishment: Turned into a super-weapon by HYDRA and used to destroy the Avengers.

Commissar W. (Earth-1273)
Commissar W Banished
Founding Member

Comes from a Communist world

Possess the Super-Soldier Serum

Germany's lead superhero trainer.

Reward: TBD

Punishment: Killed in a student revolt led by Quintavius Quire (pronounced Kwee-ray)

Marshal (Earth-7431)
Marshall LeBeau Banished
Founding Member

Leader of Napoleon's army

Pulled the day after he discovers his powers.

Reward: Under his leadership, Napoleon's army overthrows France and eventually the U.S.A.

Punishment: Sent back to a world where he accidentally killed Napoleon with his powers and is hunted.

Techno (Earth-3975)
Techno Banished
First replacement

Replaces Victor

Earth differs when Forge makes an armor with his powers.

Reward: Separates Cypher and Warlock from his armor.

Punishment: Kills all 3 in a battle against Magneto.

Claw (Earth-27663)
Claw Banished
Alternate evil Wolverine merged with Brood

Brood's influence dulled during tenure in Banished.

Replaces the Fantastic.

Reward: Is freed from Brood's influence and disassembles Quicksilver's Brotherhood.

Punishment: Ends up leading an invasion that turns the majority of Earth into Brood hosts.

Thorpool (Earth-1794)
Thorpool Banished
Alternate Deadpool from a world fighting a corrupted X-Men.

Deadpool is a renegade Avenger, and wields Thor's hammer.

Replaces Commissar W.

Reward: Traps X-Men in impenetrable lightning bubble.

Punishment: Accidentally kills 3 Avengers after going insane with power.

Carnage (Earth-8134)
Carnage Banished
Alternate Spider-Man who uses all of his enemies' technology

Member of the Avengers

Extremely smart, yet reclusive

Replaces Silver Spider (temporarily).

Reward: Prevents massacre of East Coast under the combined control of Venom and Carnage.

Punishment: Massacre occurs, destroying Avengers, F4, and X-Men.

Phoenix (Earth-96616)
Psylocke Banished
Alternate Psylocke who wields the Phoenix Force

Comes from a world where X-Women left X-Men during Schism, splitting them into 3 teams.

Replaces Claw.

Reward: Able to convince X-Women and X-Men to all band together again, taking down Juggernaut.

Punishment: Juggernaut destroys NYC and kills 5,000,000 people, including Psylocke.

Devil (Earth-5464)
Devil Banished
Alternate Daredevil who killed Kingpin and took his place to avoid jail time.

Still fights crime as Daredevil and creates it as Devil.

Replaces Marshal.

Reward: Sees the light and turns himself in, creating a new Daredevil.

Punishment: Creates a Sinister 6 to fight Spider-Man that ends up killing him and taking over the U.S.