Legal information
Real Name Bruce Wayne
Aliases Dark Knight
Knight of New York
Caped Crusader
World's Greatest Detective
Brucie Boy
Titles None
Status Alive
Born December 15th, 1982
Residence Wayne Manor, Gotham City
Base of Operations Gotham City
Affiliation Justice League
Ultimate Alliance
Wayne Enterprises
Marital Status Single
Sexual Preference Male
Relatives Thomas Wayne (Father, Deceased)
Martha Wayne (Mother, Deceased)
Alfred Pennyworth (Foster Father)
Dick Grayson (Adoptive Son)
Species Human
Citizenship American
Occupation Vigilante
Wayne Enterprises Minority Shareholder
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 6' 2"
Weight 230 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Mental attributes
Religion None
Universe Earth-1955
Created by Draft227
Licensed under CC-BY-SA

Quote1 My training is nothing, my will is everything. Alfred, If I make yourself more than just a man, if I devote myself into this ideal, into this identity, I can become something else entirely. A legend. Quote2
- Batman

Bruce Wayne was born to Thomas and Martha Wayne, thus a heir to the Wayne family and fortune. When his parents were murdered in the front of Bruce by a mugger named Joe Chill, Wayne dedicated his entire life to combat crime. Raised by his family's butler, Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce ventured the world to master his body and mind. After twelve years, Bruce returned to his hometown of Gotham City, and with the aid of Alfred, he took the identity of the masked vigilante Batman, a hero who would wage a one man war against crime. Batman would then become a founding member of the Justice League at the behest of the Chitauri invasion on Earth.