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Bullseye (Marvel Resuited)
Legal information
Real Name Lester (surname unknown)
Aliases Benjamin Poindexter
Status Alive
Born Queens, New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Base of Operations Hell's Kitchen, New York City, New York
Affiliation Employee of the Kingpin;
formerly Cabal
Alignment Bad
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unnamed father (deceased);
Unnamed mother (deceased);
Mr. Wilkinson (foster father);
Mrs. Wilkinson (foster mother);
Nathan (brother, deceased)
Species Human
Citizenship American
Education Unrevealed, though beyond high school unlikely
Occupation Adventurer, assassin, mercenary, supervillain;
formerly baseball pitcher
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 190 lbs (86 kg)
Eyes Blue
Hair Bald;
formerly Blond
Voice Peter Lurie
Mental attributes
IQ Superior
Temperament Sanguine
Perception Normal
Mental Conditions Antisocial personality disorder, schizophrenia
Universe Earth-7045
Created by Trachodon56

Quote1 Recognize this? It belonged to Elektra. I ran one just like it straight through her. You shoulda heard her pal --- whimpered like a baby. Quote2

One of the best assassins on Earth, Bullseye is a contract killer with perfect and lethal aim with any weapon or throwable object who has, at various points, been retained by most of Daredevil's biggest adversaries, most notably the Kingpin. After making numerous attempts on the lives of Matt Murdock's loved ones, Bullseye has ensured he is the one person that Daredevil hates more than Wilson Fisk.

Bullseye may be extremely skilled and deadly, but he has two great limitations. The first is that he seems to always end up against foes even more skilled than he is, such as Daredevil and Elektra. The second is that he’s downright insane.

Bullseye is a sadistic killer with a strong macho self-image. His fighting ability and number of kills are very important to him, giving him the self-delusion that he is strong while he’s, in fact, quite unstable. Given this delusion, it is quite logical that he’s filled with extreme hatred toward anyone who has beaten him.

Killing such an opponent will fill him with great pleasure (for instance, he adopted Elektra’s signature weapon, the weaponized sai, as an important part of his arsenal after killing her). While he’s quite intelligent, his obsessions and various schizophrenic episodes have worn him down and his actions sometimes do not make much sense.

He’s not very good at planning ahead and anticipating the consequences of his actions, in particular.


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Powers & Abilities[]

Intelligence: 3
Strength: 2
Speed: 2
Durability: 3
Energy Projection: 1
Fighting Skills: 5


  • Superhuman Durability Bullseye has had parts of adamantium fused to his skeleton like his spine, skull, and fist making his bones virtually indestructible. He once withstood a fall from several stories and landed on a car with no injury.


  • Olympic Physical Conditioning
  • Expert Acrobat
  • Master Marksman
  • Master Assassin
  • Master Martial Artist: aside from his ability to throw projectiles with lethal accuracy, Bullseye is also proficient in many martial arts disciplines and is extremely talented in the use of edged weapons and conventional firearms. Often, his outspoken attitude during combat about using his abilities seems to have become one of his favorite weapons - intimidation. As such, he believes that his attention in the media grants him more effectiveness in combat with a near flawless reputation, rather than an assassin who often uses fear of the unknown.
  • Weapons Proficiency


  • Mental Instability



  • Bullseye Suit
  • Adamantium-Laced Bones: Bullseye has strips of adamantium fused to portions of his skeleton, including his spine. For all intents and purposes, it is virtually indestructible. Hence, Bullseye's adamantium-laced bones are virtually unbreakable. The presence of adamantium does not interfere with his bone's normal functions.


Any object in Bullseye's hands is a potential weapon. However, he will often use guns and knives as well as a number of throwing weapons such as shuriken.


  • Bullseye's email is