The Doom Patrol
Doom Patrol ME-1 Crop
Basic Information
Status Active
Motto They cannot agree on one
Virtus Unita Fortior
operibus et virtūtibus effārī
Place of Formation TBD
Alignment Good
Base of Operations Unknown
Team Leader(s) Knight Owl
Current Members Knight Owl
The Flash
Black Lightning
The Atom II
Black Lion
Former Members Unknown
Allies Nadine Bishop
Main Enemies Unknown
Universe ME-1
Creator RoninTheMasterless


Star of Fire

Assemble...In a Non-Copyright Infringing Way

"Well we just found out we're not alone in the universe in the most invasive way possible." - Black Lighting

"It remains unclear why they are after the orange woman?" - Red Star

"That doesn't matter, whoever they are, they brought this to us and are killing people." - The Flash

"We've obviously came together to fight them, but I don't see a leader." - Red Star

"Then you're not looking at me." - Knight Owl 

"Oh give me a break." - Atom

"Whoa easy." - The Flash

"Come on. I can't be the only one with reservations about the caped fascist bossing us around."

"I he a fascist though? Plus he seems like he's got a plan." - Black Lightning

"Alright listen up. We already have casualties. We need to create a perimeter and lock this shit down. I need a breakdown of your powers now."- Knight Owl

"I'm the Flash... I'm fast" - The Flash

"You're on the perimeter. None of these aliens get passed you. Turn them around, or take them out. Go." - Knight Owl

Off the Grid


They Need To be Put in Check (Birth of OMAC)

I Had Strings But Now I'm Free

Omega Sepulture


First String

Unite the Seven

The Motto Debacle

The members of the Doom Patrol, in a moment of leisure, contemplated a motto for their team. However, they could never truly agree on a motto.

  • Knight Owl suggested "Fight for those who cannot fight for themselves."
    • Kori and Jarek liked it, but Amir and Drake vetoed it down for being too long.
  • The Flash suggested "Let's cancel Doomsday"
    • They all agreed it was too chessy, but frequently used it in the heat of battle.
  • Starfire added a Tamranean proverb that translates to "Fight for the person standing next to you"
    • Will and Jarek liked it, Drake felt it was too long, and Amir's exact response was "I guess."
  • Knight Owl then jokingly suggested their motto be "I guess"

Ultimately they tentatively agreed on "Defend the Defenseless."


  • The name Doom Patrol taken from the DC team, despite the fact that the ME-1 brand has more in common in essence with the Justice League.
  • At one point, all members of the Doom Patrol took the Pottermore test to learn which Hogwarts House they belonged to.
    • Will was sorted into Ravenclaw.
      • He additionally learned his Patronus was a Leopard, a fact he found infuriating and incorrect, and Niara found hilarious. 
      • He was also sorted into the Thunderbird Ilvermorny house, which he found odd considering Horned Serpent seemed more like Ravenclaw. 
    • Kori and Jarek were sorted into Hufflepuff.
    • Ramona and Amir were sorted into Gryffindor.
    • Niara was sorted into Slytherin.
      • This was a mild scandal in Zambesi.