Earth Beyond
Justice league beyond by ink4884-d55mfur
Official Designation Unknown
Status Active
Primary Difference Few of the modern-age heroes/villains in this reality have survived the Apokoliptian War and currently continues their career with the new ones.
Created by MarvelousMarty

Earth Beyond is an alternate reality similar to The New 52's Futures End, The DCAU's Batman Beyond, and Hush Beyond. This reality was almost similar to Modern Earth until the Apokoliptian War begun, which led to the deaths of several DC heroes and villains, including half of the members of the Justice League, Darkseid, and many more. However, this caused a big change to the reality, causing more several heroes to take up the mantles of those who died during and after the Apokoliptian War to honor their memories. This reality serves as an alternate universe of a shared universe almost similar to those of DC's shared universe, created by MarvelousMarty.


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