Green Lantern
Eliot Tessa (Earth-3)
Vital statistics
Aliases Officer Tessa, 2814, Parallax
Affiliation Green Lantern Corps
Base of Operations His house
Relatives Kim Tessa-Jameson (Mother), Vance Tessa (Father, Deceased), John Jameson III (Step-Father)
Age 17
Alignment Good
Marital Status In a Relationship
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Weight 234 lbs
Eyes Blue/Green/Hazel
Hair Brown
Skin Caucasian
Unusual Features Multi-colored eyes
Origin Teenager who has great willpower, he was gifted with a Green Lantern ring to defend his space sector
Universe Earth-3
Place of Birth New York City
Created by Artemis Thorson
Quote1 Brightest Day, Blackest Night, whatever. I was never a big poetry fan anyway. It's all just nonsense to me, I just don't get it. Any of it. I mean, I understand why the Green Lantern Corps exists, but with so many other heroes on the Earth like Captain America or Superman, I don't get why this god damned ring would choose me. It's been nothing but trouble ever since it forced its way onto my finger. But despite all that I've saved lives. Multiple times. I've saved the entire world. I've fought aliens, conquerors, and even gods. I'm not denying the things I've done, I'm not saying I wish I hadn't done them. I'm just wondering why I have to be the one to do them. It's been nearly a year and the world still won't trust me. I'm not Hal Jordan, no matter how much they wish I was. I've lived up to the legacy, whether I like it or not. Looking back, I wouldn't change anything. As a very beautiful girl once said; No regrets. Quote2
Green Lantern



When Eliot was growing up, he had always wanted a baby brother, but his family wasn't making enough money to afford to care for another child, so Eliot's father told him if he had a baby brother then he wouldn't be able to be as awesome as he is all the time, which made him change his mind. Eliot was extremely close to his father. Since both of his parents were only children, his father took it upon him to be the cool parent so Eliot wouldn't have to grow up without a "fun-loving relative", like an uncle. Eliot's mother disapproved of the way he acted sometimes, but when she saw how happy it made Eliot she let it go. Eventually in order to support to family, Eliot's dad got a job as a police officer, so he was at home much less often. His mother also got a job as a banker, and this was just around the time Eliot was starting elementary school, so he wouldn't be home alone for too long. Things were this way for quite a while as Eliot was growing up and he got used to it. But when Eliot was eight years old, he and his mother got message that Vance Tessa had been killed in action. Eliot was too in shock to cry, but he knew exactly what it meant. Not once did he cry, he pulled through and helped his mother get through it. He knew it was up to him to help her keep things stable, despite how much he wished he didn't have to.

High School

He wasn't given much time to grieve over his father, but he was forced to move on quickly. When he got to High School, it seemed as if he were over it, but he tried not to think about it. Eliot's first couple of days didn't go too great, since he didn't make any friends, but he did not care. He just couldn't wait to get out of his godforsaken city and make something out of his life. But all that changed when he met Emily Dayspring. She was perfect in every way. She was funny, she was pretty, she could act, she was a dancer, she wasn't too popular, which hopefully meant she'd have time for him, and most important of all, she had wanted to be his friend before he even knew she existed. She was knew but she'd already made a lot of friends, but she believed there was always room for more. He was practically in love with her, but he obviously didn't tell his mother. He didn't like talking about what little of a social life he had with his mother, and he didn't really believe she cared. About a semester through the year, Eliot's grades got him moved up into an advanced class, which he enjoyed. In these new advanced classes, he became friends with three pretty cool guys, Dan Parsons, Miles Miller, and Ezra Dilaurentis. Despite the fact that they were some of the smartest kids in school, they weren't technically classified as losers. Dan's sister, Valeria, was a cheerleader so people tended to like him as well. Miles was on the football team. Ezra was also apparently one of the hottest guys in the school, according to the girls. Most of the girls liked him because both his first and last name were shared by characters from Pretty Little Liars. Eliot made his own place in the school, he continued to make friends and never once became worried that things wouldn't work out. But no matter how popular he might get, he knew he'd always remember his true friends.

The Rich Kid

Quote1 The thing is, the less you care, the happier you'll be. Learn to live with it. Quote2
Julian Pryce

A few days after Eliot turned fifteen, a new kid moved into town; Julian Pryce. He was rich, handsome, and practically perfect. At first, Eliot resented him, but Julian made the first attempt to be friends, and eventually Eliot warmed up to him. He was arrogant, snobby, and hardly cared for anyone but himself, but for some reason Eliot just couldn't find it in him to not like the guy. Julian had made plenty friends and plenty enemies at the school, but his father worked with the city's town council, so he was untouchable, no matter how much of a target he made himself. Eventually, Julian was accepted into the advanced classes as well, and quickly outshone Eliot and his friends, all of which despised him. Eliot was also starting to resent him, but what finally pushed him over the edge was when Julian and Emily started dating. He wanted to be pissed off, he wanted to kick Julian's ass, but he kept it hidden. No one knew he liked Emily, and he wasn't going to let anyone know. He still tried to be friends with Julian, but part of him knew that it was not going to last for long, he knew something big was going to happen that would change everything.

Hal Jordan

Quote1 Eliot Tessa, you're willpower is what caught the ring's attention. My name is Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814. I used to be a hero on this planet, but now it's your turn. A former Green Lantern, Sinestro, he did this. I'm dying, and the ring has chosen you to take my place. The ring will give you great, immeasurable power, and with this power will come responsibility. Do you accept this responsibility, Eliot? Quote2
Hal Jordan's last words

Not long after Julian and Emily started dating, Eliot's life changed. He was taking a walk, trying to clear his head, but he was only given about 1 million more things to focus on when he was scooped up off of the ground by a flying ring, and he was carried all the way to Smallville, Kansas, where he found a crashed space craft. He wanted to freak out and run away, but his curiosity got the best of him. The ring followed after him as he walked towards the UFO. When he reached it, he discovered a man was inside, and he looked familiar. He identified himself as Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern, and Eliot remembered he used to be a famous superhero, one of the founding members of the Justice League. He tried to help Hal, but he told him that it was pointless, and he was going to die. He told him that he was chosen by the ring to be the new Green Lantern. Eliot refused, but Hal told him about power and responsibility, and Eliot thought of his father, how he always wanted to be a hero, so he honored Hal's death by accepting the responsibility. He tried to grab the ring but it dodged his hand and placed itself on his finger, and instantly put him in a Green Lantern costume. He began levitating and thought to himself "This is gonna take a while..." before he was shot up into space at top speed.

Visit to Oa

Oa (Earth-3)


Eliot tried to cover his eyes as he was rocketing through space, but the view was just too astonishing for him not to look. Eventually, he arrived on a green planet that he somehow knew was called "Oa". When he landed on Oa, he began freaking out because of all the weird aliens, which got him a lot of weird looks. He tried to fly away, but the Green Lantern Kilowag knocked him out with one bunch in order to prevent that. When he woke up, he was greeted by a woman named Katma Tui, who formerly welcomed him into the Green Lantern Corps. He was still very confused and in a lot of pain, but he managed to thank her. She explained that the Green Lantern Corps, is an inter-galactic force of aliens from all over the galaxy, what sets them apart from the other members of their race, is their great willpower, which is what powers their rings, all of which are connected to the minds of the Guardians of the Universe. When Eliot asked who they were, Katma said they were some of the first beings in the universe to exist, and they were the founders of the Green Lantern Corps. Their citadel is off limits for all Green Lanterns except senior officers, which bummed Eliot since he wanted more answers. However, Katma promised him that one day he would meet them. She told him to follow her as she flew out of the room they were in. He stood in shock staring at his ring, so many thoughts racing through his head. How long had he been gone? Why was he of all people chosen? Will he get to go back to Earth? What can he do as a Green Lantern? Before he realized it, Katma put him in a force field and levitated him out of the room. She told him the first task that Green Lantern's had to master was flight, so she told him that she was going to drop him, and he was going to fly. The bubble dissipated and Eliot fell. He only managed to begin floating seconds before he would have splattered onto the ground. Astonished, he shot himself upward and shouted in excitement. Katma stated that she liked his enthusiasm, and he reminded her of Hal. This caused Eliot to ask what Hal's story was, so Katma told him. The two of them found a nearby building to sit down on, and Katma touched her ring to Eliot's so that he could see what she was explaining.
Quote1 Hal Jordan was the first ever human to be accepted into the Green Lantern Corps. He was an arrogant test pilot who saved the life of his boss and girlfriend, Carol Ferris, during a plane crash. However, he fell into a coma. Before his body could be recovered, the ring of a fallen Green Lantern found him and carried his body away to the desert. There, he was awoken by the ring, and he found the owner of the ring, Abin Sur. Abin Sur was a senior officer, and he was attacked by an inter-dimensional being named Parallax, which sent him careening towards Earth. His ring chose Hal as a replacement, so he was taken to Oa as well, where Abin Sur's friend, Sinestro, took Hal under his wing. He trained him, and turned him into one of the best Green Lanterns the Corps had ever seen. After he returned to Earth, he became a superhero and helped form a team he called "The Justice League". As his fame grew, so did Sinestro's resentment. He felt outshone by a human, so he turned to evil. He crafted a ring out of fear and betrayed the Corps. Hundreds of Lanterns died, but in the end, Hal defeated Sinestro. Their rivalry continued on for years and years, as more and more Lanterns joined Sinestro's cause. Eventually, Hal took a squad of Green Lanterns to take out Sinestro once and for all. His forces were defeated, but he called back all of their power, and used it to kill Hal in cold blood. He ordered his ring to return him to Earth and find a replacement. That's where you came in. Quote2
Katma Tui, telling Hal Jordan's story

Eliot let the story sink in. Katma said that he had big shoes to fill, so he was going to have to train in order to be as good a Lantern as Hal was. Eliot spent the next week on Oa training, until Katma informed him that it was time for him to return to Earth and become a hero. After he got back to his home, he was pleased to remember his mother had been on a month long vacation, and she would be back the next morning, so he wouldn't have to explain it to her. Eliot spent the night using his ring to mess around and experiment with the things he could do, and before he went to sleep for the first time in a week, he was glad that the ring chose him.

The School Shooting

Not even three days after Eliot had become the new Green Lantern, tragedy struck. He hadn't been using his powers because he hadn't noticed anything that required his assistance, which was kind of depressing. He considering wearing his ring to school, but he decided to leave it in his room. That was a big mistake. When he returned to school, everyone was demanding to know why he'd been missing for a week, so he merely lied and said he was on vacation with his mom. The story wasn't very believable, but people gave it a rest. About halfway through the day, Eliot and Emily were studying in the library when the most unexpected thing happened. A gunshot was heard, followed by screaming, followed by a man saying on the announcements that the school was being held hostage, and they will kill anyone who tries to be a hero, and if the city doesn't pay up, they'll kill five more people every half hour. Emily was freaking out, but Eliot knew that it was time for the Green Lantern to take action. Then he remembered his ring was left at home. When the first half hour passed, about five men came into the library, and shot a student close to where Eliot and Emily were. He told her to stay put as he snuck off, and she wanted to scream after him but she couldn't. He made his way around the book cases and ambushed the last guy to walk passed him. He covered their mouth and slammed their head on the ground. He picked up his gun and leaned out, and shot another one of them in the leg, causing them all to turn around and fire. Eliot threw the gun towards the bullets and the gun exploded. One of the guys ran towards him, but he threw a book at their head. He staggered backwards, but he fired a shot at Eliot. He dodged it, but it grazed his shoulder. He grabbed another book and threw it. This time, the man fell to the ground. Eliot seized the opportunity and kicked him in the jaw, knocking out two of three teeth. The man who Eliot shot in the leg saw him and fired rapidly, but Eliot knocked a book case over, right on top of him. Only two men were left. The students were scrambling to get out. He heard a gunshot and a body fall to the ground. He heard Emily scream. Then he got mad. He ran towards where they were with absolutely no plan of what to do, but when he reached them, he reached his arm back as if he was going to throw something, but nothing was in his hand. His ring shimmered and appeared on his finger, and when he thrust his arm forward, a large first shot out of his ring and slammed one of them into the doors. The other one freaked out and turned around and fire at Eliot, but he created a force field. He used the fist to pick up the other guy and slam them into each other. He remembered there were more in the school, and they'd probably be looking for him. He found Emily and made sure she was okay, then he told her to make everyone stay in the library, he was going to get help. After he was out of sight, he put on his full costume and broke out of the library to find the last of the shooters. He saw two of them in the hallway, both of which open-fired on him. His ring protected him, and the bullets bounced off of his chest, which amazed him. He created a dagger and chucked it at one of them. It lodged itself into his shoulder, he yelped and fell to the ground. The second one stared in shock as Eliot created a fist to backhand him. His head slammed into the wall and he fell unconscious. Eventually, he made his way to the office, where the boss was. It was too easy for Eliot to take them out and when only the boss remained, he did not use any constructs to punch him straight in the face and knock him out. Eliot created a large megaphone and shouted into it that all of the shooters have been defeated and the school was safe, and the students could come out. Eliot, as the Green Lantern, walked out of the school and was met with several police officers aiming their guns at him. He put his hands in the air when he heard one of them ask "Is that the Green Lantern?", then someone else said "I thought he left the Earth.", after several opinions between the police were traded, Eliot put his arms down and created a microphone to speak into. He said "I am the new Green Lantern, but I can assure you that I am here to help." Before anyone could react, he flew off.

Public Appearances

Eliot and Emily (Earth-3)

Eliot and Emily flirt

Students got the rest of the week off after the day of the shooting. Four students in all had been killed, but word of the new Green Lantern was spreading like a wildfire, and Eliot just sat back and enjoyed it. However, when school got back in, Emily went out of her way to talk to Eliot. She was the only one who really knew that it was him that took on the shooters in the library. He claimed that it was just in the heat of the moment, but she kenw it was more than that. She told him that she knew he was the Green Lantern. When he didn't know how to responded, he admitted it. She thought it was awesome, and that he had to show her his powers, but he promised he would later. That some day, Green Lantern got the opportunity to put out a fire, and stop a robbery in progress. What he didn't know, is that teams like the Avengers and the Justice League were discussing what to do about this new hero. A few members on the Justice League, like Flash or Martian Manhunter, didn't like the idea of some teenager being the Green Lantern so soon after Hal's death. But the Avengers had a different idea. Heroes like Iron Man always believed that the Avengers could use more firepower, and that the Green Lantern could definitely benefit from being with the Avengers. As the arguments continued to wage on, Green Lantern's popularity began to grow, but governments did not trust him, some believed him to be an alien imposter, and even the newspapers like the Daily Bugle were claiming he was a menace that killed the original Green Lantern and took his powers. Eliot was completely oblivious to any of this, because he was too focused on impressing Emily. Eventually, when the two of them were hanging out he created a small treehouse for them to hang out in. She thought it was amazing, and the two of them were glad to hang out like they used to. Eventually, Julian was brought up, and Emily said that he was becoming a douche, and Eliot told her that she deserved better. She then kissed him, and it lasted a little too long. When they broke apart, she said she needed to go and she climbed out of the treehouse, which dissipated as Eliot stood in shock in his backyard, not entirely sure as to what had just happened.

In Thailand with Taskmaster

The next day, Eliot had planned on confronting Emily and working out their feelings, but things did quite go as planned. While he was walking to school, a bag was randomly shoved over his head and he was yanked into a van. His ring appeared on his finger, but nearly a second later it was swiped off of his hand. He struggled, but someone else lifted the bag off of his head. He was surprised to see a man wearing a skull mask and a ridiculous looking costume. Eliot demanded to know who he was, so the man introduced himself as the Taskmaster, he was the one who orchestrated the school shooting. Eliot tried to punch him in the face, but he easily parried it away and knocked Eliot backwards with a kick to the chest. He nearly fell out of the van, but Taskmaster caught him. He said that it was all a ploy to lure out the new Green Lantern, and before Eliot asked how he knew, he explained that it wasn't too hard to spot a green light coming from an area that he didn't recognize, so he quickly did some reconnaissance and learned Hal Jordan was dead, so he would have to make changes to his plan. When Eliot asked what plan, Taskmaster said that he wasn't the bad guy everyone thought he was. He was working for the greater good, and he's discovered a building in Thailand called the Valley of Spirits, which is home to Aldrich Killian and the Mandarin, two ex-supervillains that used to battle Iron Man. He had been planning on using the original Green Lantern to act as bait to lure the Justice League to the Valley of Spirits in order to take them out, so instead he decided to use this to his advantage. He asked Eliot if he wished to assist him in toppling a regime. He pondered Taskmaster's offer, sure that he would betray him, but he did want to take down Aldrich and Mandarin. But he knew if he tried to escape Taskmaster would take him down, he was powerless without his ring. Reluctantly, Eliot accepted the offer. He knew he was going to have a lot of explaining to do when he got back home, if he survived.

The Mission

The rest of the trip to Thailand was awkward, and when it wasn't silent Eliot and Taskmaster were arguing. Eventually, when they arrived Taskmaster shot their driver so that he wouldn't slow them down, and he was only making Eliot madder. He made Taskmaster swear that he wasn't going to kill anyone else inside, but he was obviously lying when he agreed to Eliot's terms. Eliot also wanted to sneak inside, but Taskmaster knew that wouldn't work, so he had Eliot bust the front doors down. Eliot was astonished, because on the outside the Valley of Spirits looked like a small hut, but on the inside it was bigger than a castle. They were bombarded with Clay Warriors, and Eliot and Taskmaster ravaged their way through. Eliot realized they were not truly alive, so he was able to let loose and demolish them, letting off more than just a little steam. After much massacring of the Clay Warriors, Eliot and Taskmaster found the main hall, which housed Aldrich Killian and his business partner, the Mandarin. As Eliot rushed into battle, Taskmaster set up his webcam, and made sure he had a live feed. He announced to his audience that he and his "sidekick", the Green Lantern had found Aldrich Killian and the Mandarin. Eliot was too busy to care about what he was doing, and he was engaged in battle with Aldrich. His extremis powers were very formidable and were almost capable of burning through his constructs. After Taskmaster finished his speech to his viewers, he turned to the Mandarin, who was merely observing the battle. Taskmaster fired a bullet which nailed Mandarin straight in the chest, knocking him to the ground. Eliot saw this and blasted a laser at Taskmaster, reminding him he swore not to kill. Aldrich took this opportunity and knocked Eliot down. He breathed fire at Taskmaster and burned his arm, knocking him down. He chuckled and grabbed the camera, saying that he was being forced to enact his plan sooner than expected, but he was made to adapt. Eliot was almost knocked out, but the last thing he remembered was Superman crashing through the ceiling, followed by a few other Justice Leaguers. He blacked out and woke up as the Justice League was clearing out the Valley of Spirits. He briefly spoke with one of the members, Martian Manhunter, who said the Mandarin was not dead, but he and Aldrich would be taken to prison. He congratulated him on taking them on, but the Justice League needed to talk to him. He apologized and said he didn't have time, and he flew off. After reaching his home, he knew his mother would be pissed off at him, so he was going to have to explain, but when he returned home he realized that the official story was that Eliot was taken by a kidnapper, but local authorities rescued him, so his mother was just glad to have him back. Eliot felt like the Justice League had found out his identity and manipulated the story for him, but he wasn't sure. Either way, he was grateful. So far only Emily for sure knew his secret, and he didn't know hwo to feel towards her, so he didn't need anyone else knowing.

Meeting Batman

Eliot meets Batman (Earth-3)

Eliot and Batman are introduced

Word soon got out that Eliot had been kidnapped, and his popularity was growing especially since rumors of his actions at the school shooting (before turning into the Green Lantern), have been exaggerated. Even all the way in Gotham City, people are getting interested in Eliot, he has to be more than just a random factor. However, he wasn't paying much attention to it. The Saturday after he and Taskmaster had taken on Killian and the Mandarin, Eliot battled yet another former Iron Man villain, the Titanium Man, who was easily defeated. Later in the day, Eliot had decided to confront Emily. Neither of them were too psyched about it, but they knew it had to be talked about. Emily confessed that she's had a crush on him since the day they met, and that she broke up with Julian on Friday, which surprised Eliot. In the end, they ended up kissing again, and Emily promised him that she would love him whether he was the Green Lantern or not. Eliot warned her of the danger she was putting herself into by being with him, but she told him it would be worth it, to which he replied "I hope so."

Meanwhile, in Gotham City

Jonathan Crane was formerly a psychologist working at Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. He was particularly interested in the Joker during his time there. But now Crane was known as the Scarecrow, he is one of Batman's most insane foes. He kidnaps innocent civilians and tortures them in order to learn more about the subject of fear, and he is more than willing to torture and kill people for his own amusement. In some cases, he disgusts Batman even more than the Joker. Recently, Scarecrow had been hired by an unknown benefactor to test the limits of the new Green Lantern's willpower. When Batman discovered this, he knew it was time to get acquainted with the teenager who replaced his old friend.

The Dynamic Duo

As Eliot was flying through the sky without a care in the world, Batman patched himself into the Green Lantern Ring communication system using alien technology. He ordered Eliot to meet him in Gotham City, just by the Metro Bridge, at midnight. He then left the communication system, leaving Eliot both befuddled and excited. He'd always somewhat idolized Batman, and he was now getting the chance to meet him. That night, Eliot and Batman met alone by the bridge. When Eliot tried to introduce himself, Batman got straight to the point. He said he doesn't trust Eliot, but he knows the ring would have chosen him for a reason, but that isn't his concern, and that the Scarecrow has been hired to test Eliot's limits of willpower and fear, and knowing the Scarecrow, he was going to use any means necessary, and he would undoubtedly have reinforcements, so the two of them were going to have to work together in order to save Eliot, take down the Scarecrow, and find the man who is paying him.

Batman told Eliot that they had to go underground, since they would be easily spotted because "he's too damn bright". Eliot reluctantly followed Batman into the sewers, and as they made their way across the city, he asked Batman if he knew where they were going. Batman said that Scarecrow is one of the villains who sometimes goes to the Penguin's club, the Ice Lounge. Eliot asked how the Penguin could have a night club, but Batman said he's "reformed", but everyone uses the Ice Lounge as a cover for criminal activity. Penguin keeps tabs on all of his customers, so he must know where the Scarecrow is. When they reached the Ice Lounge, they waited in the Penguin's office for him to return. The second that he opened the door, Batman grabbed his throat and threw him onto his desk, demanding to know where the Scarecrow is. Eliot was possibly even more shocked than the Penguin, but he soon became focused. Penguin refused to give up the Scarecrow's location, but he did have a trick up his sleeve. He aimed his umbrella at Green Lantern and said "The Scarecrow did ask me to do this." He pressed a button and fear gas shot at Eliot, but Batman jumped in front of him, and he doubled over onto the ground screaming. The Penguin got up and ran, but the Green Lantern flew after him. He almost immediately caught up to him, and he put a line around his ankle and yanked him forward, and began holding him upside down. He flew into the center of the Lounge and quickly got everyone's attention. "Are you gonna tell me where the Scarecrow is now?" After Much screaming, the Penguin gave up his location, he had been hiding out in a small hut by the docks, but he swore that was all he knew. Disgusted, Eliot threw Penguin downward, right into the water. He flew back into the Penguin's office and found Batman having a seizure. he had no idea what to do, so he just concentrated and put a force field around Batman, and it soon began glowing. After about a minute or so, fear gas was exported from the bubble, and Batman began breathing heavily. Eventually, he told Eliot he was okay. He asked how he was capable of doing that, but he just stared at his ring, wondering the same thing himself.

Vs. Scarecrow

Batman and Eliot continued on to the Scarecrow's whereabouts. Surprisingly, the Penguin had been telling the truth, but Batman told Eliot that he always cracks under pressure, especially if he's upside down, so he shouldn't feel too proud of himself. Eliot ignored his comment and broke the door down only to be met with a thousand bags of fear gas exploding. The last thing he thought he heard before he went under was the Scarecrow laughing, and Batman telling him not to breathe. That advice didn't help. Eliot watched the entire world melt away. He was standing in darkness, he knew he was alone but he felt like he was being watched. He was afraid. He begin running but he wouldn't move. He couldn't feel the ground, or anything. He got more and more afraid. Eventually, his hopeless running brought him somewhere. To his father. Eliot tried to cry out for his dad, but all he could do was shake his head in disapproval. He said "You're afraid, Eliot. You don't deserve to wear that ring. You're a disappointment." But then he got hear Batman's voice saying "Snap out of it, Tessa! It's not real!!" Eliot repeated Batman's words, and then he repeated his father's words. His ring glowed, and he blasted his nightmare world to bits. He woke with a start and gasped. He found Batman laying on the ground, covered in his own blood, that he was still coughing up. He told him to go after the Scarecrow, and then he fell unconscious. Eliot looked at his ring and said "I deserve this ring." He then flew off and took nearly 3 seconds to catch the Scarecrow. He didn't bother putting him in a cage or making a joke, he got straight to the sucker punch. Not with a construct boxing glove. Not with a construct giant fist. He punched the Scarecrow straight in the face, knocking him straight to the ground with a thud. He grabbed the Scarecrow and demanded to know who hired him, but he wasn't waking up. He threw the Scarecrow to the ground and then he could hear a voice coming from nowhere, but he thought it sounded like it was coming from his ring. He didn't recognize the voice, but it sounded familiar. It said only one thing, and he didn't think he was meant to hear it.

"It was an excellent test run."

The Sinestro Saga


Eliot battles Superman (Earth-3)

Green Lantern vs Superman

Batman had cut their team-up short, so Eliot returned to his home, only to find out he had several text messages from Dan, Miles, Ezra, Julian, and Emily. He hadn't hung out with Dan, Miles, or Ezra recently so he texted them all back hoping to make some plans. He ignored Julian, and he discovered that Emily had gotten a job working for the Daily Bugle's High School intern project as a reporter, and he was very proud of her.

The next day at school was regular. He talked with his friends, got back in the loop of things, made excuses for his recent absences, but he noticed that Julian wasn't at school. He didn't have much time to think on it, because when he got home, his ring told him that there was trouble nearby. So he suited up and flew to a nearby LexCorp building that was on fire. He was about to create a large bucket of water when he discovered that Superman was already on the job. However, he wanted to help, so he put out as much fire as he could and made sure everyone got out safely. When the job was done, Superman thanked Eliot for the assistance, and that it was a pleasure to finally meet him officially, and that he looked forward to working with him in the future. Eliot was too in awe to say anything sensible, but Superman kept up the conversation. Eliot's attention went back into place when he could have sworn he heard Superman say "Hal will always be the better Green Lantern." This made Eliot irritated, and Superman only continued to say this, clearly rubbing it in Eliot's face. However, he noticed that Superman's eyes were different. They were glowing green. Before he could act any further, he felt like someone had just poked him in the neck with a needle, so he freaked out and punched Superman with a large fist construct. Superman smiled and charged at Eliot. When the two of them collided, a tremor occurred, destroying most of their surroundings. Eliot blocked most of Superman's attacks and used any opportunity he could get to blindside him. Eventually, Superman knocked him over and tackled him, flying him all the way across the city, finally throwing him down onto the ground inside of an old abandoned insane asylum. Eliot got up, coughed up some blood, and created a giant rock and dropped it on Superman. He continued to pound it down until he thought Superman was down for the count. Eliot pounded it down one more time, but Superman grabbed it and shoved it back at Eliot. It dissolved before it made impact, and Superman blasted his heat vision. It hit Eliot's chest, and the combination of the Green Lantern energy and the heat vision caused a small explosion. Neither of them were very affected, and they charged at each other once more. However, this time before they collided, a dart was shot into Eliot's neck, knocking him to the ground, causing Superman to collide with the wall instead. As he turned around, he saw Batman standing in the hole in the wall, holding a large chunk of Kryptonite. The last thing Eliot heard before he blacked out was Batman saying "It's worse than I thought. You'll both be okay in a few..." and then he was out.

Fear Itself

When Eliot and Superman awoke, they were both in the Batcave. Batman was nowhere to be seen, but it was a big cave. They began searching. Eventually, Eliot stumbled upon a case that contained a Robin costume that had a plaque saying "R.I.P. Jason Todd" As Eliot was about to touch the case, he heard Batman's voice.
Eliot with Batman and Superman (Earth-3)

Eliot, Batman, and Superman

"I see you're doing better. I've got a lot to tell you both." Before waiting for a reaction, Batman walked off, back to his computer. Batman informed the two of them that the Scarecrow they had captured was an imposter, and the real Scarecrow has been missing for months. However, he suspects that he was abducted by the man that killed Hal Jordan; Sinestro. Batman theorized that Sinestro wanted to prove himself against anyone who dared call themselves the Green Lantern, and he has taken an interest in Eliot, Hal's successor. So he hired the Scarecrow to push his limits of fear, but there was more to his plan that messing with Eliot, but he didn't have an idea of what it mind be. But it was clear now that Superman was somehow involved. He was about to call in the rest of the Justice League when there was an explosion in the Batcave.

The explosion was caused by none other than the Scarecrow himself. However, this time, the villain wielded a yellow power ring, proving Batman's theory that he was working with Sinestro. The Scarecrow did not bother talking, and he began with his attack. Not only did he have his dastardly constructs ready, but he was accompanied by four other Sinestro Lanterns. Batman and Superman are distracted by the other Lanterns, but Eliot is focused on the Scarecrow.
Scarecrow (Earth-3)

Scarecrow makes an entrance

He instantly fired a blast at him, which was deflected by a yellow shield, and countered with a blast from Scarecrow's ring. Eliot launched himself at Scarecrow, knocking them both out of the cave, and into the backyard of Wayne Manor. It was just after dusk, so no one would see them. Then they began attacking each other. Light exploded every time they collided, construct after construct countering each other, Scarecrow laughing like a maniac. He seemed to have a certain interest in flying monkeys, which Eliot found very weird. So he decided to mess with Scarecrow. He was done with the heroic constructs like hammers and fists, it was time to beat the Scarecrow at his own game. First, he created a giant demon that screamed at the Flying Monkeys, causing them to dissipate. The demon then morphed into the Headless Horseman, fitted with a 14-inch sword. He came charging at the Scarecrow, who created a large sword with mini blades on the flat, and countered the Horseman's sword. They would have been face to face, if the Horseman had a head. Then Eliot decided to give him one. He quickly grew the face of a gremlin, which was on fire. The head grew, screaming at Scarecrow, knocking him down. He tried to crawl away but the Horseman kept charging at him. He was about to swing his sword down, when Scarecrow created a ghoul-like armor to cover his body. He grabbed the sword and ripped it away from the Horseman, smacking the construct into non-existence. He blasted grenades at Eliot, all of which he dodged, and when he was at a good angle he created an axe shaped like an omega, and swung it directly at Scarecrow's chest. It destroyed his ghoul armor, and knocked him over the edge of the hillside Wayne Manor was located on. However, he managed to fly himself back up. He then created at least a dozen swords hovering above Eliot, and slammed them all down into the ground at different times, trapping Eliot in a cage. He tried to break it, but Scarecrow was keeping his construct complete. As Batman tried to jump out of the hole and attack Scarecrow, he looked at him and said "No interruptions." He blasted Batman back into the Batcave, took one sword out of the cage and stabbed Eliot in the shoulder. Twice. Three times. In the leg. He blacked out not long after, and Scarecrow put the two of them in a force field, and they left Earth. But for good measure, Scarecrow blew up Wayne Manor.


The Blue Lantern Corps Intervenes

Earth is Made a War Zone

League of Light

Eliot's Endless Rage

The Coming of Parallax


  • Eliot Tessa is an embodiment of his creator, Artemis Thorson, and the most important aspects of his life, troubles and treasures.
    • Eliot's fatal flaw, like Artemis Thorson's, is self-doubt, and often self-pity.
  • He has been stated to be a combination of Kyle Rayner and Peter Parker.
  • Eliot has worn almost every color ring, with the exceptions of Indigo, Orange, and Yellow. However, the yellow fear entity, Parallax, has possessed Eliot before.
  • Eliot has gone toe-to-toe with Superman, and the winner of the fight was never technically decided.
  • The Guardians of the Universe have stated Eliot's true willpower is immeasurable.
    • Within 8 minutes of her death, Eliot's ring was able to rejuvenate Emily Dayspring, purely out of willpower.
  • Green Lantern has expressed interest in joining the Avengers, but he prefers working alone, as he is "not a team player".


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