Vital statistics
Type Planet
Secrecy Level Unclassified
Location Sector 1768
Inhabitants Kree

Hala is a massive planet located in Space Sector 1768, the homeworld of the Kree, and the headquarters of the Kree Empire, formerly governed by the Supreme Intellect.


Early History

Thousands of years in the past, Hala was originally a backwards planet, with the Kree worshiping the extradimensional Ogdru Jahad, beings of immense power. As their planet was lackluster, the Kree offered their faith so the Ogdru Jahad would supply them with mathematics, science, philosophy, and militarism - all of which became defining traits of Kree.

War Against the Ogdru Jahad

However, the race soon stopped worshiping the Ogdru, as the planet became technologically sufficiency and the species itself grew to become an atheistic society and soon realized the extraterrestrials were no gods. This enranged the Ogdru, with one of them, Shuma-Gorath, attempting to destroy the Kree. Because they became incredibly powerful, the Kree were able to banish the Ogdru Jahad from their planet, so they would never return.

What they knew of the Seven Lords of Chaos turned into the basis of their weapons, as the Nth metal brought to them had mystical properties.

War Against the Gordanians

Points of Interest

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