Vital statistics
Universe Earth-5180
Base of Operations Through the galaxy
Body Type Mammalian
Eyes Varies
Hair Varies
Skin White
Number of Limbs 4
Special Adaptations Super strength, agility, speed, durability; Flight; Decelerated aging
Notable Individuals Car-Ol
Home Planet Hala
Origin Unknown
Created by Draft227

The Kree are a humanoid warrior race hailing from the planet of Hala, who are considered barbaric by other civilizations. Known for their proud cultural heritage, lack of major religions, and totalitarian rule, the Kree have been at war with the Gordanians and their Kree suppliers over dominance of territory. While they are not inhabitants of the Nine Worlds, they are still watched by Heimdall.


Early History

Thousands of years in the past, when Hala was a desolated and backwards planet, the Kree worshiped the extradimensional Ogdru Jahad, beings of immense power. As their planet was lackluster, the Kree offered their faith so the Ogdru Jahad would supply them with mathematics, science, philosophy, and militarism - all of which became defining traits of Kree. However, the race soon stopped worshiping the Ogdru, as they grew to become an atheistic society and soon realized the extraterrestrials were no gods. What they knew of the Seven Lords of Chaos, however, turned into the basis of their weapons, as the Nth metal brought to them had mystical properties.

Characteristic Traits

Biologically speaking, the Kree are virtually identical to humans, much like the Asgardians. However, they are much stronger, resilient, taller, and are capable of flight, among others traits which would be deemed 'superhuman'.

Notable Kree

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