The current Comic Crossroads´s rules are stated below. Besides all these rules, as a good user that you are, you must take in consideration other simple things as not performing vandalism, being good to all users, ect. The rules are:

  • Keep adult content to a minimum. This includes pornography, gore, etc. It is allowed, but it is up to admin discretion to determine how much is too much. Breaking this rule will only result in warnings at first, but possibly bans if continued.
  • Editing other people´s pages. Comic Crossroads is a free wiki. You can almost do whatever you want but to edit other user´s pages please ask for their permission. We know you are only trying to help the wiki but please do it because you would like for someone to do the same to you. Breaking this rule will lead to warnings and then to other punishments. The punishment varies according to the type of edit. Once you have their permission this rule no longer applies. 
  • Have Fun! The purpose of Comic Crossroads is to create fabulous stories, heroes and villains that everyone would like, to reveal the ideas that every user hides inside and to bring out the comic lovers that sleep deep with in their minds.

If there is anything not covered on this list that new users have questions about, or suggestions to be made to this list or in general, contact any of the administrators anytime, and they'll be glad to help you with it.