Green Goblin
Green Goblin (Earth-4010)
Vital statistics
Aliases Iron Patriot, Master Planner
Affiliation Sinister Six (formerly), S.H.I.E.L.D., Dark Avengers
Base of Operations Helicarrier
Relatives Harry Osborn (Son)
Age 44
Alignment Neutral
Marital Status Widower
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 5'10 (Norman Osborn) 6'5 (Green Goblin)
Weight 280 lbs (Norman Osborn) 500 lbs (Green Goblin)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown (Bald as Green Goblin)
Skin Caucasian (Green as Green Goblin)
Unusual Features Large build, rough green skin
Origin Mad Scientist who was obsessed with recreating the Spider-Man incident and accidentally morphed himself into a monster
Universe Earth-4010
Place of Birth New York City
Created by Artemis Thorson
Quote1 I've gone by many names. But there is none I prefer over the Green Goblin. Whether he chooses to work for his own benefit or for the benefit of others, well let's just say people tend to be surprised either way, it keeps people guessing. It's part of my charm. Quote2
Norman Osborn


Secret Mission

Norman Osborn was the shining image of perfection. Everyone in New York loved him. For a time, his company, Oscorp, was the only name in clean energy. But they did many other things as well. They stretched the limits of science and imagination. They were going to build the future. But, despite all his success, Norman had many problems. His son, Harry, was a disappointment to the family name. His best friend, Peter Parker, was much smarter than he was, and Norman looked at Peter as more of a son than Harry. He felt that ever since his wife, Emily, had passed away, Harry resented him. But he hardly cared, as he had better things to focus on. One thing in specific however. Norman had quite the fascination with the masked hero known as Spider-Man. He and his secret partner, Otto Octavius, worked under wraps to replicate Spider-Man's powers. Otto was once Oscorp's greatest scientists, but a lab accident had confined him to a suit that kept him alive and allowed him to expand his work without interruption. Norman cared for Otto, but he couldn't risk the secret getting out.

Venom and Doctor Octopus

As months went by, Norman and Otto's work progressed. They got closer and closer to their goal, and one of their agents, the Scorpion, had even attained a blood sample from Spider-Man. Otto had used it to create an all new life form, that he called "Venom". It seemed to have a mind of its own, which disturbed Norman since it seemed to just be a blob of black goo. However, it attacked Otto and Norman, and it coated Norman like a suit. He saw everything turn black as he launched himself at Otto, who electrocuted him, separating the goo and Norman. Venom escaped from their underground lab, and went to find Spider-Man. Norman told Otto to go after it since it was their only hope of making their own Spider-Men. Reluctantly, Otto left the lab to chase after the symbiote. Later that night, Norman saw on the news that a black suited Spider-Man was battling a new villain called "Doctor Octopus". Norman realized that Venom had bonded to Spider-Man the same way it had bonded to him earlier, and he could use this to his advantage. However, he had to make sure Octavius avoided capture. When the battle was over, both "Octopus" and Spider-Man had escaped battle wounded. Norman had expected Otto to return to the lab, but after two days he was nowhere to be seen, so Norman was forced to come up with a new plan.

Partnership with Spider-Man

As soon as he got the chance, Norman Osborn held a press conference where he openly asked to have a meeting with Spider-Man to discuss a possible partnership, and in order to make himself not seem too interested, he also revealed a new project Oscorp was working on, involving camouflage and air transportation for the military. That night, Norman Osborn waited on the roof of Oscorp, where he was met by the new, black suited Spider-Man, who quickly confirmed that he was the real Spider-Man, but he had an encounter with some black goo that made him stronger. Norman pretended to be surprised, but quickly got down to business. He asked if Spider-Man would be willing to work for Oscorp. Spider-Man told Norman to elaborate, and he said that Oscorp would pay Spider-Man simply for doing what he already does, and a few favors whenever Oscorp needed something. Spider-Man didn't waste too much time thinking on the offer, since it seemed like one he couldn't refuse. Spider-Man accepted and the two of them shook hands. As Spider-Man swung away, Norman told himself that Phase One was complete. Phase Two: Find Doctor Octopus.

The Search for Doctor Octopus

The next day, Norman Osborn contacted Spider-Man, and he informed him that Doctor Octopus was a former Oscorp scientist who went mad after his project was shut down, and he was attempting to destroy Oscorp. He wanted Spider-Man to find him and bring him in, but Norman of course, was not completely honest with Spider-Man. He provided him with tracking software, but the search was quickly turning into a dead end, and Norman wanted his plan executed as fast as possible. Once more, Norman checked the lab, but it seemed as if it had been used recently. He searched the computer history and discovered that Otto had been attempting to contact some of Spider-Man's former foes, including, much to Norman's pleasure, the greatest hunter in the world; Kraven. Norman had downloaded Otto's recent activity into a flash drive, and his photographic memory helped him remember just in case. However, the contacts were involved later on in his plan. Right now, he only needed one person.

Hiring Kraven the Hunter

Norman contacted Kraven the Hunter and had him flown into America from Russia. They met in Osborn Manor, where they discussed business. Norman had hired Kraven to hunt down both Otto Octavius and Spider-Man. He wanted both of them alive, and he wanted Spider-Man to believe he wasn't being captured. The plan was to get them both together where Kraven would kidnap Otto and lead Spider-Man to Oscorp, where Norman could enact Phase 3. Kraven executed the plan perfectly, and quickly, much to Norman's surprise. He had searched for nearly a week and couldn't find Octavius, but Kraven found him in less than two hours without even knowing anything about him other than his scent. Norman had no other choice but to be impressed.

Enacting Phase 3

Kraven had done as he was told. He brought Octavius to the rendezvous point at the underground lab, where Norman was waiting patiently. When he saw them coming, Norman had a realization, that if he were present, his partnership with Spider-Man would be severed. He panicked and fled the scene, leaving Kraven alone in the lab with just Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus. As Kraven began worrying where Norman was, Doctor Octopus was waking up. Spider-Man tried to fight him, but Doc Ock got a sucker punch, and before Kraven could do anything, he launched himself upward, breaking out of the lab and began searching for Norman, who was located at the top of Oscorp, waiting for his helicopter to arrive. It was never going to get there in time. Spider-Man began chasing after Doctor Octopus, leaving Kraven alone in the lab. Spider-Man and Ock began battling inside Oscorp, and Norman knew that his plan wasn't going to work now, so it was time for the failsafe. He reminded himself if you want something done right, you do it yourself.

The Failsafe

Luckily for Norman, Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus were getting closer to the roof, which is where he was going to activate his failsafe. During the design phase of the Oscorp building, Norman had at least two failsafe mechanisms added on every floor, which only he knew about, in case of emergency. When the two of them finally reached the roof, Octopus launched himself towards Norman, but he ducked out of the way, ripped a cover off of the wall and yanked down a lever. Both Spider-Man and Doc Ock were confused as to what this did, and then electricity shot out of the wall behind both of them, and the wall in front of them. Norman watched as they were nearly fried to a crisp, but he did not want Spider-Man dead, so his only choice was to save both of their lives and pull the lever down. Both of them were unconscious, and it did not take him long to load them both into his helicopter and fly to his private base.

Doc Ock's Revenge

At Norman's secret base, he had equipped himself a special suit of armor that should be able to defend him from Spider-Man or Octopus. When they awoke, his voice spoke to them over the intercom. Since they were both strapped down and injured, they had no choice but to listen. First, he apologized to Spider-Man for deceiving him, since he truly believed him to be a nice kid, but he said that his main goal was far more important than his life. When Spider-Man asked what that goal would be, Octavius answered it for him; Creating an army of Spider-Men. Norman then admitted that he and Octavius were partners until he went mad and decided to blame Norman for his capture. Octavius then lashed out claiming that Norman used him and did not care about him. His rage allowed him to break out of his shackles, and one of his tentacles shot up into the room where Norman was. The tentacle grabbed onto his neck and yanked him downward. He landed with a thud and spat out blood. Octavius then ripped apart Spider-Man's shackles, saying he wanted the hero to fail at trying to save Norman. Spider-Man tried to convince Octavius not to kill him, but he said he was only going to make Norman live as the monster he truly is. One of his tentacles revealed a vial with green liquid within. Octavius reminded Norman of the cancelled experiment, Oz, which is what turned Octavius into what he is now, and before Norman could answer, the vial was slammed into his neck. He fell to the ground and began having a seizure before he stopped. His eyes turned green, and he grinned. This disturbed both of them. Norman stood, cackling. He said "Thank you, Otto! You've opened my eyes! I see now that Spider-Man was never the answer! It was Oz the whole time." As he was saying this, he continued to mutate. Spider-Man launched himself towards Norman, but he was backhanded to the ground. Norman laughed. "You think you've uncaged the demon within me, Otto. You've only released my true potential. You had hoped to get revenge this day, but all you've been capable of doing, was witnessing the birth... of a revolutionary!" Otto was too stunned to try to stop him. When he was finally done mutating, Spider-Man called him a monster, saying he now looks the part, like a Goblin. Norman grinned at this and said "Correction, the Green Goblin. If I'm going to make people remember their savior, I'm going to need a more fitting name than Norman Osborn. Goodbye for now Spider-Man, I hope we meet again." Norman lifted himself onto a prototype glider located in the lab, continued cackling and flew upward as the base began to self destruct. Goblin did not look back, but he knew that both of them had somehow survived. But that was the least of his worries.

The Green Goblin

Norman's base had been located 5 miles outside of New York City harbor, and he highly doubted either one of them would be returning any time soon. For good measure, he blew up a boat that he noticed nearing the base. When he returned to New York City, he flew back to Oscorp in order to make more Oz. He began going through Octavius's old files and discovered a lot of the projects he never went through with were quite disturbing, even for him. Eventually, he found the new and improved Oz formula. When one of the scientists came into the lab to check who was in there, Goblin calmly walked over to them and towered over them. He asked what their name was, and with quite a stutter they answered Bart Hamilton. Norman smiled, and told Bart that he was working for him now. He shoved him towards the Oz formula and Goblin told him to mass produce it, without any funny business. Not wanting to get killed, Bart did as he was told. As he was doing this, Goblin got his hands on a new and improved glider, an arsenal of pumpkin bombs and other various weapons to greatly emphasize on the Goblin-side of himself. When Bart was done, Goblin thanked him, pocketed all of the Oz vials, and then snapped Bart's neck. He flew out of the Oscorp building only to be kicked in the face by Spider-Man. Goblin then grabbed his ankle and threw him into a billboard saying "Vote for J. Jonah Jameson!". Goblin laughed and said that Spider-Man could not beat him, but he hoped he would join him. He pulled out a gun and loaded it with Oz. He told Spider-Man to trust him as he fired, but Spider-Man dodged it, webbed the vial and spun it around, launching it back at Goblin. It injected itself into his neck and both of them wondered what would happen. It wasn't good. Norman simply grew in size, and most likely madness. He decided at this point, Spider-Man was a waste of time, and he'd have to settle for his own son. As he pulled out a pumpkin bomb, Goblin asked what happened to Octavius, and Spider-Man said that he saved his life and handed him over to S.H.I.E.L.D. Goblin laughed at Spider-Man, always the hero. He launched a pumpkin bomb at Spider-Man, then held three more over the streets, all of them already beeping, and he dropped them. As Spider-Man was greatly distracted, Goblin flew back to his home.


Hobgoblin (Earth-4010)

Harry as the Hobgoblin vs Spider-Man

All hell broke loose the second Green Goblin stepped off of his glider. Harry Osborn noticed him almost immediately and freaked out. He pulled a shot gun off of the wall and aimed it at the Goblin, screaming at him to back off. Goblin chuckled and said "Harry, my boy, don't you recognize your father?" Harry looked shocked, and stepped back. "Dad?" Green Goblin said he was here to make their family whole again. Harry fired a warning shot, and Green Goblin continued to step closer. The next one went into his chest, and out his back. He looked down, surprised that a bullet was capable of going all the way through, but he paid it no attention as they wound fixed itself. He pulled out his own gun, which was loaded with Oz, and fired it straight into Harry's neck. he let out a blood-curdling scream as he fell to the floor and began to change. He mutated into a large, orange Goblin-like monstrosity. Green Goblin dubbed his son "The Hobgoblin" and Harry seemed to like that. He seemed to happy that his dad was now proud of him. Norman told Harry to kill the Spider-Man, and make it amusing. As he said this, Spider-Man launched himself into Osborn Manor and punched Goblin in the face. He stumbled backwards, mostly out of surprise, as he watched Spider-Man began battling the Hobgoblin. He was simply disgusted that Norman would infect his son, but he claimed he's improved him. Spider-Man called him crazy as he webbed Hobgoblin's chest and swung him towards the Green Goblin. Not knowing what to do next, Spider-Man swung away. Norman yelled at his son to go after him, which he did. But what happened next, no one, not even Osborn's brilliant mind, could have predicted...

Going Out with a Bang

While Hobgoblin was keeping Spider-Man busy, Green Goblin hopped on his glider and headed towards Oscorp, planning on spreading the Oz formula all across New York. However, Goblin's pride had failed him once more. Spider-Man led Hobgoblin onto the Helicarrier. For a split second he worried about his son, but he then returned to perfecting his plan. When it was nearly complete and he was about to launch it, a shield made contact with his back, knocking him forward, and a hammer then collided with his face, knocking him backward, where Spider-Man wrapped a web around his neck and yanked him towards the edge of the building. He pressed a button on his belt and his glider shot itself at them, and Goblin jumped, landing on it. He threw Spider-Man down towards the streets and surveyed the rooftop. Captain America and Thor stood ready to fight him, but the other Avengers were nowhere to be seen. He tossed a pumpkin bomb at Thor, which he slammed his hammer into, causing it to explode. He knew he could not be able to outmatch a god, so he'd just have to outlast them. Spider-Man quickly returned to the rooftop and knocked Goblin off of his glider, and into the Ginali Device, which would have released the Oz cloud over the city. Spider-Man shouted at Thor and Captain America that he had a plan, and Thor seemed to know what he meant. Spider-Man webbed Cap and threw him off of the building, then proceeded to jump after him. Thor then flew upwards and blasted the Goblin into the machine once more. He was pounded with lightning until the machine exploded, and Thor placed a force field around the roof of Oscorp. When the explosion ceased, the Green Goblin was unconscious, and brought into custody.

After he had been imprisoned in the Triskellion, he was informed that his son had been cured and was under the surveillance of S.H.I.E.L.D. He was left only with his thoughts, wishing he knew how Spider-Man had connections to the Avengers, and he inevitably came up with the perfect plan.

Escaping with the Sinister Six

Sinister Six (Earth-4010)

The other 5 members of the Sinister Six in action

Norman bode his time, and waited for the perfect opportunity. As the S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists worked hard on a "cure" for the Goblin, everything was falling perfectly into place. After nearly two months of solitary confinement, the scientists took him out of his cell in order to test a cure. However, halfway down the hall, he took notice of Electro's cell, and put his plan into action. In one swift movement he knocked back all the guards behind him and shattered Electro's cell, and ripped off his power dampener. Excited with his new freedom, he took care of the rest of the guards. He asked Osborn what the catch was, and by now the other prisoners were stirring. Osborn said that he was forming a team to kill Spider-Man. Electro loved the idea and immediately agreed. From there, the two of them freed Rhino, Shocker, Kraven, and the Vulture. Several other prisoners were begging to be freed, but Osborn paid them no attention. They passed the weapons vault, and Osborn discovered that "Venom" had been confiscated. He quickly stole it back, too fast for anyone to notice, for future use. After they had fought their way out of the Triskellion, and they stole a S.H.I.E.L.D. jet to escape from the island. As they were leaving, Goblin welcomed them all to the Sinister Six, and that after they had killed Spider-Man, they would rule the world. Shocker said he'd never given much thought to world domination, but he was definitely open to the idea, and Goblin knew he had chosen the right team.

Battling Spider-Man

The next day, not a single person in New York was unaware of the major escape at the Triskellion. Not a single person except for Spider-Man, who hadn't been paying attention to anything. During his time in prison, Osborn had deduced that Spider-Man's true identity was Peter Parker, but he needed to be sure, so he staged the breakout on a Friday, knowing that Peter would not have school on a Saturday, which was the perfect time to strike. About midday, Spider-Man was swinging his usual route. This was when Rhino began rampaging through the streets in order to divert his attention. After he had made an entrance, and cracked a fat joke, Rhino got mad, and charged Spider-Man, who calmly shot a web and yanked himself upward, so that he was high enough for the Shocker, who had been resting on the ledge above, to blast him at point-blank range. This surprised him, but then Electro's surprise blast from behind is what really hurt. He fell to the ground, and his vision went hazy. The three of them crowded around him, and he made a joke about how there were "only 3 of them", which is when Kraven made his entrance, saying that he was not getting off that easy. He panicked and tried to web away, but the Vulture flew above him and cut the web. The five of them began surrounding him, and he tried to make a plan, but then the Goblin calmly flew in and jokingly told his group to stop toying with the boy, which was when Spider-Man got mad. He did a back-flip and propelled himself forward by using the Rhino, knocking him backwards. Goblin dodged his attack, grabbed his ankle and threw him back down, where Electro zapped him. He webbed up to a billboard and shot a web into Vulture's face, so that he would crash. Goblin noticed that Spider-Man was surveying the scene, but he was too late. Spider-Man webbed a sewer cover, swung it around, and hit Electro in the head, making him angry. Lightning exploded out of him, which provided Spider-Man with a good escape into the sewer. Kraven immediately followed him, then Shocker and Electro jumped down after them. Goblin helped Vulture up and told him and Rhino to keep the police busy and rendezvous with them at Oscorp that night, where they would formulate a better plan. He then followed his teammates down into the sewer, where they did nothing but bicker as Kraven tracked the webhead. They were met with a dead end, so they eventually just decided to meet Rhino and Vulture at the rendezvous point.

Fall of the Sinister Six

They spent their night in one of Goblin's secret labs underneath Oscorp, where he, Vulture, and Kraven formulated a new plan as Shocker, Electro, and Rhino messed around, doing who knows what. At daybreak, Spider-Man was frantically searching for any sign of the Six, but they were biding their time. When night fell, they made their move. As Electro created a lightning barrier around Central Park, he took control of New York's radio waves for the Goblin to address the people. He send any attempt to enter their arena would be met with death. Only Spider-Man was allowed in where he would face his foes for the final time, and if he did not show up within 30 minutes, Electro would continue to expand the barrier until it reached other living beings. Spider-Man did not disappoint, and he showed up within 10 minutes. Before the battle, he tried to talk Osborn out of his madness. Without addressing Spider-Man, he told Electro to stay out of the fight to keep the barrier up, but he was still allowed to toy with Spider-Man from above. Electro followed his order, and Goblin said "Let the games begin." Rhino and Vulture immediately charged at Spider-Man. He barely dodged Rhino's horn, but he got sliced in the arm by Vulture's wing. His spider sense went off, and he managed to dodge an attack from the Shocker, who he couldn't see. He hopped onto the Vulture's back, as Electro began hurling lightning bolts at him. He took control of Vulture's flight and flew him towards Electro. Freaking out and not knowing what to do, Electro zapped the Vulture, taking him out of the fight, and knocking Spider-Man back down, where Rhino slapped him into a wall. Before he could get up, Goblin grabbed his torso and slammed him into the wall three more times. Before he could deliver the third blow, Spider-Man noticed Shocker was playing sniper, so he quickly webbed him and yanked him forward, causing him to hit the wall right next to Spider-Man as Goblin delivered another blow. Shocker was stumbling, so Spider-Man ripped off one of his gloves and slapped Goblin with it, shocking him backwards, into a pond. Shocker then punched Spider-Man in the face with his bare hand, and Spider-Man then did the same, knocking him out. Goblin was becoming infuriated. He got up and began running towards Spider-Man, and Rhino did the same. Spider-Man couldn't help but chuckle as he jumped up, and the two of them collided. Rhino's horn went straight into Goblin's shoulder, and the two of them created a big crater in the ground, almost creating a hole. Goblin ripped Rhino's horn out of his shoulder and threw his unconscious body upward. He lifted himself up before catching Rhino's falling body. He grabbed his ankle, twirled him around and chucked him at Spider-Man, who let out a scream. Rhino's body collided with Spider-Man, and in a split second another crater was created. Goblin launched himself upward and lifted Rhino off of Spider-Man and was about to punch him in the face, before Spider-Man somersaulted backwards and kicked Goblin's chin. He fell backwards, and fell off of the platform they were on. Spider-Man looked around, only to be met with Kraven, who had been waiting for the right opportunity. The two of them began fighting until Goblin made his come back. He grabbed Kraven's head and pushed him backwards, knocking him out. He then grabbed Spider-Man and slammed him into the ground hard enough to break the crater, and they fell down into the sewers where the two of them began slamming on each other. At this point, Electro noticed what Goblin was doing, and he flew down there, but Goblin wanted no further interruptions. He ripped off a pipe and chucked it at Electro, knocking him out, causing the barrier to fade. Goblin and Spider-Man began fighting, and Spider-Man was almost unconscious. Goblin boasted about his superiority, and when he thought the fight was his, he revealed that he knew Spider-Man's true identity. He slammed him against the pipes and pulled his mask off, proving his theory. He laughed and promised Peter that he wouldn't tell anyone after he was dead. He'd put his mask back on and tell everyone he died heroically. Then it was Spider-Man's turn to laugh. He reminded Goblin that S.H.I.E.L.D. had created a cure for Oz, and that they'd put it into his web-shooters. Out of surprise, Goblin dropped Spider-Man and took a step back, arming himself with yet another pipe. Spider-Man fired the web at Goblin, who barely missed it with the pipe, and it lodged itself into his neck. He screamed louder than he knew he could as it was injected into his bloodstream, and began reverting him back to normal. When he was almost completely normal again, Spider-Man delivered the final blow, knocking him unconscious.


The next thing he knew, he woke up in a cell. Sitting across from him was the one and only Nick Fury. They sat there for what seemed like eternity before one of them spoke. To Norman's surprise, it was him. He asked Fury why he was here. Nick waited before responding. He said that while he was unconscious, they ran several blood tests. Absolutely no traces of Oz were found within his blood stream. The cure worked. Norman pretended to be pleased by this news, he figured it could work to his advantage. He thanked Fury for turning him back to normal, saying that the crazy Otto Octavius had taken him and turned him into a monster. Nick could easily tell he was lying. He said Spider-Man said otherwise, but he was willing to give Norman the benefit of the doubt. He would be released from custody, but he would be under surveillance by S.H.I.E.L.D. 24/7, which made his skin crawl. Norman decided not to address this, instead he asked if his son was okay. Nick sighed and said Harry was fine, but the Oz injected in him was much simpler to cure since he did not have as much as Norman, and the effects did not last as long. Norman then asked if he was allowed to leave, and reluctantly, Nick let him.

He returned to his home, with fake happiness to see Harry again. Since he returned, Harry and Peter had been hanging out more, and Norman suspected Nick had told Spider-Man to keep an eye on him. But for the time being, he and Peter both pretended they were unaware of the other's secret, and it played to his advantage. Much to his dismay, he was glad to be closer to his son, but he still did not care for him. He knew that the way he acted as the Goblin, the Sinister Six (make that the Sinister Five), would have a bone to pick with him for his betrayal, but that was a problem to deal with later. He had taken a recent interest in S.H.I.E.L.D., however, and he began concocting a new plan. However, his plan was ruined when he was taken and replaced by the Skrulls.

Skrull Invasion and Misconceptions

Norman spent the next two months in a cell on a Skrull ship. Then liberation came in the form of Captain America. He freed Norman as well as the others in their cell block, including Viper, Phil Coulson, Quake, Aldrich Killian, Invisible Woman, Lyle Getz (AIM Scientist Supreme), Beast, and King Cobra. It was by far the oddest group Norman had ever seen. Personally, he did not believe they would escape with their lives. He also wondered why he of all people had been captured, and why he was being kept in the same cell block with all of these metahumans. Perhaps the Skrulls knew something more about the Green Goblin that he was yet to discover. The 10 of them worked their way through the ship, battling various different Super-Skrulls along the way, until they had managed to escape using a scout ship. The trip back to Earth took much to long for Norman's taste, but they had arrived just in time for the invasion to become global. When they got to Earth, most of them went their separate ways, especially Norman. First he went back to Oscorp where he found and killed a Skrull. He quickly put in one of his labs, before putting it on lockdown. He then turned on the news to discover the Avengers and other heroes (including Spider-Man) were battling the Skrull army just outside the Washington Memorial, but Norman paid more attention to the background; The mothership. Desperate to be the Goblin once more, Norman threw on a crazy looking outfit and hopped on his glider. He flew to the Memorial where he decided to make it seem as if he was being a hero, where he threw some bombs at a few Super-Skrulls, then he slipped off to the mothership. He quickly took off his insufferable mask and tried to open the door, but the Skrull Queen, Veranke, punched him in the face. He retaliated with a punch in the stomach, and the two of them began fighting. Not a single hero noticed the two of them, as they were all too busy themselves. Eventually, Veranke was shot in the head. Her body fell to reveal her killer; Deadpool. He chuckled and claimed "That was funny." He walked over to Norman and put the gun in his hand and said "Here, steal yourself something nice." Before he teleported away. He seized the opportunity and made it look as if he was the one who killed Veranke. When the battle was over, Norman watched as the heroes discovered his triumph and began murmuring amongst each other. He decided to address them, making sure several cameras were broadcasting this. He said that he was the one who killed Veranke, and thus ended the Skrull invasion. He had been one of the taken, but he had returned to Earth in order to save his planet. He also decided to get back to his old plan for S.H.I.E.L.D., claiming that he has done things he is not proud of, but he hoped that with the help of S.H.I.E.L.D. had could regain the world's trust, and with that, the entire planet cheered for their savior; Norman Osborn.

Becoming the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Norman Osborn (Earth-4010)

Norman Osborn, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

During the Skrull Invasion, Nick Fury was presumed deceased, so S.H.I.E.L.D. was left without a director. Norman was being held by the US Government, concerned that he was working some kind of angle. He knew they were in a panic about what to do with S.H.I.E.L.D., and he knew it was time to act. He told the President that he was reformed, and due to his experience in politics, and his experience in the field, he would make an excellent Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the fact that he'd saved the entire planet certainly helped his case. After much back channel discussion between government districts, a final decision was made; Norman Osborn was the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. He had quickly formed a close relationship with his second-in-command, Maria Hill, who did not trust him, but elected to keep her friends close and her enemies closer. After about three months of flawlessly running S.H.I.E.L.D., much to the dismay of the Avengers, Norman concocted the plan to form his own team of superhumans in order to make the people feel safe, knowing that the government had a squad of heroes designed only to keep them safe. Norman would call this brilliant militia "The Dark Avengers". Of course, he only used that name to himself, to everyone else they were simply "The Avengers". He didn't care about whatever copyright Stark Industries had over the name, since the Avengers were no longer trusted by humanity, and Stark Industries was a consultant of S.H.I.E.L.D. Norman's plan was going perfectly.

Forming the Dark Avengers

Dark Avengers (4010)

The Dark Avengers

Norman did quite a job assembling the Dark Avengers. At first he set his sights on a few criminals who were looking to "reform", which led to the recruitment of Black Widow (Mystique), Hawkeye (Bullseye), and Ms. Marvel (Moonstone). Next he decided he would need to combat the current members of the Avengers, which ended in the recruitment of Ares, to combat Thor, and Wolverine's own son, Daken to combat him. Due to his new position as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. he could use the Venom symbiote he acquired during his last breakout, and he decided to recruit the recently depowered mutant Moses Magnum to become the new Spider-Man. But Norman wasn't stopping there. He located the alien hero, Hyperion, who had been missing for years after a confrontation with the Avengers, and offered him another opportunity to be a hero. In order to make it seem like he was not creating a team purely out of supervillains and to appeal to younger citizens, he chose a teenager with superpowers who Oscorp had been monitoring as a part of their "Gifted Program". His name was Derrek Gibbons, and he could control electricity and run at super speeds. He was given the code name Synapse. Lastly, to stick it to the Avengers, Norman recruited their ex-teammate, Hulk, who had recently been separated from Bruce Banner.

After making the announcement of Norman Osborn's S.H.I.E.L.D.-sanctioned Avengers, the public responded extremely positively. Norman's popularity heavily increased, as well as S.H.I.E.L.D.'s. The only people who didn't seem to like these new Avengers, were the Avengers. However, Norman did not have time to deal with them. But when Tony Stark confronted him personally about it, Norman threatened to sue Tony for everything he had for attempting to hurt the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. After that confrontation, Norman developed a hatred for Stark, and to further annoy him, he created a replica of his armor and gave it the colors of Captain America, announcing to the public that he would be joining his Avengers as the Iron Patriot.

After the Dark Avengers' popularity increased, so did Maria Hill's tolerance of Norman Osborn. She despised costumed vigilantes even more than Norman, and she loved the idea of S.H.I.E.L.D. owning the Avengers. When Maria told Norman of her feelings on the matter, he worked in his advantage and found more things in common with Maria, and he quickly seduced her. As the two of them began sleeping together on a regular basis, Maria began to develop feelings for Norman, but he did not return them as he was too focused on running S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Sinister Seven
Sinister Seven (4010)

The Sinister Seven

In another attempt to boost the Dark Avengers' fame, Norman anonymously hired The Kingpin, Wilson Fisk, to break out seven of Spider-Man's worst enemies and form the Sinister Seven. He managed to assemble Lizard, Vulture, Electro, Rhino, Carnage, Scorpion, and Mysterio. They believed that their mission was to lure Spider-Man out into the open, but really, the Dark Avengers would be waiting to ambush and attack them.

The Seven attacked New York's subway station, holding hundreds of citizens hostage, threatening to kill all of them if Spider-Man did not show himself. Knowing that Spider-Man was out of the country with the Avengers, Norman sent in Moses first to anger the Seven. He mocked them but before they could do anything further, his symbiote sensed Carnage and the two began attacking each other. Norman then sent in Hulk, Synapse, Ms. Marvel, Wolverine, and Hyperion. He too went into battle as the Iron Patriot, simply to anger Rhino, Electro, and Vulture because of his betrayal. Each of them chose a sparring partner and got to work. Hulk fought Lizard, Synapse fought Mysterio, Ms. Marvel fought Electro, Wolverine fought Scorpion, Hyperion fought Rhino, and Norman took on Vulture. The seven were easily apprehended and Norman made it a public spectacle of saving the train.

When Spider-Man and the Avengers returned to New York, they were enraged to learn of what happened. Other people had different opinions. Maria discovered that Norman secretly assembled the Sinister Seven, and when she confronted him about it he thought she was angry. However, she turned out to think it was genius, and the two slept together once more. Maria then told Norman that she loved him, and, lying, he told her he loved her too.


After Loki's attack on the Nine Realms, a large chunk of Asgard was left in Earth's orbit, which was massively affecting their world. Thor and the Avengers were struggling to assure the world that they would handle it, which angered Norman. He only saw one solution. He had to eradicate Asgard, and the Asgardians. Even some of the Dark Avengers saw this solution as a little extreme, especially Synapse. Norman lashed out and punched Synapse in the face, telling him that if he didn't agree with Norman, he didn't belong on the team. No one else disagreed with Norman as he readied his forces to attack Asgard. Word of his plans did not reach the public until they had already began. The Dark Avengers led hundreds of S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers into Asgard where the massacre began. As Norman watched from the Helicarrier, Maria confronted him about the Siege. He was disappointed that she disagreed with him. He told her that he was actually starting to like her as he pulls out a gun and shoots her in the stomach. He tells the S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists to take her to the Triskellion until Norman can figure out something to do with her.

Avengers vs Dark Avengers


Mutant Uprising

Return of the Goblin

New Dark Avengers


  • Norman Osborn was the second person in this universe to go by the name of "Iron Patriot", the first being James Rhodes (now known as War Machine), and the third briefly being Phil Coulson.
  • One of Norman's ancestors is Jack "The Ripper" Osborn.
  • Norman has been both the classic and ultimate goblin, though mostly he is in ultimate form, but he has a back-up suit in case he is running low in Oz.
  • Green Goblin is 1/7 people that know Spider-Man's true identity excluding himself, the others being Gwen Stacy, George Stacy (deceased), May Parker, Nick Fury, J. Jonah Jameson, and Daredevil.
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