Ogdru Jahad
Vital statistics
Universe Earth-5180
Base of Operations Deep Space
Body Type Cephalopod
Eyes Unknown
Hair None
Skin Varies
Number of Limbs 8
Special Adaptations Space traveling, vacuum survival
Notable Individuals Shuma-Gorath
Amon Jahad
Home Planet Unknown
Origin Unknown
Created by Draft227
Quote1 In the coldest regions of space, the Ogdru Jahad - the Seven Gods of Chaos - slumber in their crystal prison, waiting to reclaim Earth... and burn the heavens. We will help them. Quote2
- Red Skull

The Ogdru Jahad, also known as the Ogdru eb Jurhad, the Seven Who Are One and the Seven Gods of Chaos, are gigantic interdimensional creatures. Having existed for billions of years, they were foreshadowed by humanity in the past as the Beast at the Bible's Book of Revelation in the New Testament, said to be the bringers of the end of the world


Early History

The Ogdru Jahad, led by Shuma-Gorath, roamed through dimensions to control worlds. Upon arriving in the Milky Way, they found Hala, and started to control its inhabitants, the Kree. In trade for the Kree's worship of them as deities, the Ogdru Jahad granted them technology and knowledge of arts and culture. However, as time went on, the Kree started seeing through the Ogdru's lies and stopped believing on them. This led to a conflict, but the recent technologically advanced Kree managed to repel the aliens from their planet.


Shuma-Gorath and his brothers then turned their attention to Earth, attempting to breach it millennia in the past. The Masters of the Mystic Arts discovered of their existence, and managed to lock away in crystal shells in an alternate dimension, where they awaited the fateful day of their return. SS Colonel Johann Schmidt, a man fascinated by both Hebraic religion and Norse mythology, believed both of these "universes" to be no sort of legend, but actually real history recorded by ancient human whose meaning was lost in time with the advance of human creations.

Schmidt went to found the HYDRA society, a cult disguised as a weapons division for the Nazi Party under the command of Schmidt himself. He planned on amassing the power Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich could give him in order to boost his cult's goals. After discovering the mythic Tesseract of Odin's treasure room on Tønsberg, Norway, he started Project Ragnarök, named after the Norse apocalyptic event, which sought to use the Tesseract to create a portal that could open the doors for the Ogdru Jahad to leave their crystal prison and arrive on Earth.

Schmidt did not act alone —and although most of HYDRA's members were men who worked out of genuine care for for the Third Reich— only a select few, such as Ilsa Haupstein and Karl Rupretch Kroenen knew of his plans.

Characteristic Traits

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