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The Shadow War is a event in the 78315 universe. It revolves around the New Age of Heroes trying to stop the Hand,who zombified veteran heroes (and the arc introduces Killerweb).


The event begins as a group of Hand ninjas are seen attacking Daredevil, who manages to fend them off, but the arrival of a unknown attacker turns the battle in the ninjas' favor. Daredevil is then dragged off by the ninjas. The story then moves to Killerweb (daughter of Spiderman and Elektra) who is looking for her father, in hopes of finding her mother. Thinking Spidey to be her father, she goes to him, but when she discovers he is not him, she thinks he is a Hand ninja and attacks him. But, he manages to prove to her he's no threat by taking her to her father. Asking for his help, he declines and states he does not know where she is and will not help search for her. Killerweb warns Spidey of the Hand's abduction of heroes, which he does not take seriously. But she still gives him a map to her location, should her father disappear. However, months later, Peter was kidnapped, and Spidey arrived just in time to see the Hand ninjas fleeing. He then locates Killerweb and many other new age heroes, and they set out on a journey to Shadowland, HQ of the Hand. On arrival, the young heroes are attacked by a armada of Ninjas, but they manage to defeat them, and crusade to the Hand central base at the center of Shadowland. Once there they are met by heroes turned into Hand ninjas. They include Spiderman, Elektra, Iron Fist, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Spiderwoman, and their leader Daredevil. Summoning more ninjas, a war ensues, but slowly the heroes are able to turn the veterans, thanks to the new Dr.Strange's magic. Once all the heroes have turned, the battle comes out in the heroes' favor. Daredevil then begins his final battle against the Hand leader; his arch rival Kingpin. However he is outmatched by him and his elite ninjas. But he is aided by X-Man Janet Grey and Killerweb. As he fights Kingpin, Janet is killed by a sai through her body from Kirigi, who is killed by Killerweb shortly after. Kingpin is killed by Daredevil, and the Hand flees as the heroes mourn Janet's death. Later on, a funeral is held for her as the story closes.




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