Supreme Intelligence
Legal information
Real Name Unknown
Aliases Supremor
Status Deceased
Residence Hala
Base of Operations Hala
Affiliation Kree Empire
Marital Status Single
Species Kree
Citizenship Kree Imperial
Occupation Scientist
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 25' 0"
Weight 544000 lbs
Eyes White
Hair None
Skin Blue
Mental attributes
Universe Earth-1955
Created by Draft227
Licensed under CC-BY-SA

Quote1 Now go away warrior! You were not born Kree, you merely adopted one of our souls. Glory you shall not have... Quote2
- Supreme Intelligence to Captain Marvel

The Supreme Intelligence was the leading monarch of the Kree Empire on Hala, responsible for governing the Kree in all life aspects, as well as being one of the leading figures in promoting the war against the Thanagarians. A firm believer in totalitarianism, the Intellect was killed by Captain Marvel after she and the Justice League traveled to the Kree homeworld alongside Mar-Vell, after he attempted to kill her friends and her love.



Powers and Abilities