Once an adaptive Symbiote living a hidden life on Earth, Kentar found himself bonded with the spilled blood of Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange, giving him the powers of Strange, and the ability to control all other Symbiotes, yearning to start a Symbiote uprising on Earth.


After a fight between the Socerer Supreme Stephen Strange and his nemesis Kaecilius, Strange's blood was spilled before he defeated Kaecilius and pursed him as he fled. The blood was reached by Kentar, an Adaptive Symbiote, which absorbed the blood, and became the Symbiote Supreme, mimicking Strange's powers and even magnifying them, becoming a Symbiote hivemind.

Before long, Doctor Strange became aware of Symbiote Supreme, and went to stop it, but was ambushed by mind controlled symbiotes serving the Supreme. Strange realised he needed a new plan.

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