As you wished, here are some chants I think could inspire you for your works, boyo.

Chant Militaire - "J'avais un camarade" paroles

Chant Militaire - "J'avais un camarade" paroles

J'avais un camarade is a German poem from 1809 put into music in 1825 and part of the German Armed Forces' military funeral, but it was used and translated by the French Foreign Legion as such as well. The original tune is called Der gute Kamerad.

Original German Text French Translation English Translation

Ich hatt' einen Kameraden,
Einen bessern findst du nit.
Die Trommel schlug zum Streite,
Er ging an meiner Seite
In gleichem Schritt und Tritt.

Eine Kugel kam geflogen:
Gilt’s mir oder gilt es dir?
Ihn hat es weggerissen,
Er liegt zu meinen Füßen
Als wär's ein Stück von mir.

Will mir die Hand noch reichen,
Derweil ich eben lad.
Kann dir die Hand nicht geben,
Bleib du im ew'gen Leben
Mein guter Kamerad!

J'avais un camarade,
De meilleur il n'en est pas ;
Dans la paix et dans la guerre,
Nous allions comme des frères,
Marchant d'un même pas.

Mais une balle siffle.
Qui de nous sera frappé ?
Le voilà qui tombe à terre,
Il est là dans la poussière ;
Mon cœur est déchiré.

La main, il veut me prendre,
Mais je charge mon fusil ;
Adieu donc, adieu mon frère,
Dans le ciel et sur la terre,
Soyons toujours unis.

I once had a comrade,
You will find no better.
The drum called to battle,
He walked at my side,
In the same pace and step.

A bullet came flying,
Is my turn or yours?
He was swept away,
He lies at my feet,
As if it was a part of me.

He still reaches out his hand to me,
While I am about to reload.
I cannot hold onto your hand,
Rest you in eternal life,
My good comrade.

What's important to know is that the French translation I've put is the lyrics of the Legion's song, so it's not a word-for-word translation.

Ivan Rebroff - Poljuschko Polje (Cossack Patrol)

Ivan Rebroff - Poljuschko Polje (Cossack Patrol)

Poljuško-Pole was composed in 1934 by Lev Knipper, and it is only through its massive success that it became later sung by the Red Army.

Original Russian Text Phonetic Latin Transcription English Translation

полюшко, широко поле,
Едут по полю герои,
Эх, да Красной Армии герои.

Девушки плачут,
Девушкам сегодня грустно,
Милый надолго уехал,
Эх, да милый в армию уехал.

Девушки, гляньте,
Гляньте на дорогу нашу,
Вьётся дальняя дорога,
Эх, да развесёлая дорога.

Только мы видим,
Видим мы седую тучу,
Вражья злоба из-за леса,
Эх, да вражья злоба, словно туча.

Эх, девушки, гляньте,
Мы врага принять готовы,
Наши кони быстроноги,
Эх, да наши танки быстроходны.

Эх, пусть же в колхозе
Дружная кипит работа,
Мы дозорные сегодня,
Эх, да мы сегодня часовые.

polyushko, shiroko pole,
Edut po polyu geroi,
Eh, da krasnoj armii geroi.

Devushki plachut,
Devushkam segodnya grustno,
Milyy nadolgo uyekhal,
Ekh, da milyy v armiyu uyekhal.

Devushki, glyan'te,
Glyan'te na dorogu nashu,
V'yotsya dal'nyaya doroga,
Eh, da razvesyolaya doroga.

Tol'ko mi vidim,
Vidim mi seduyu tuchu,
Vrazh'ya zloba iz-za lesa,
Eh, da vrazh'ya zloba, slovno tucha.

Devushki plachut,
Devushkam segodnya grustno,
Milyj nadolgo uehal,
Eh, da milyj v armiyu uehal.

Eh, devushki, glyan'te,
Mi vraga prinyat' gotovy,
Nashi koni bystronogi,
Eh, da nashi tanki bystrokhodny.

Eh, pust' zhe v kolkhoze
Druzhnaya kipit rabota,
Mi dozornye segodnya,
Eh, da mi segodnya chasovye.

Field, my field, my wide field,
The heroes ride over the field,
Hey, the heroes of the Red Army.

The girls are crying,
The girls are sorrowful today,
Their sweethearts went away for a long time,
Hey, their sweethearts went away to the army.

You girls, cast a glance,
cast a glance in our direction,
Wave far down the road,
Ey, the happy road.

We only see
We see a grey mist,
The hate of the enemy behind the forest,
Hey, the enemy's hate, like a mist.

Hey, girls, look,
We are ready to engage the enemy,
Our horses are fleet-footed,
Our tanks are fast-driving.

Hey, while on the collective farms,
The work is efficiently progressing,
Today we are watchmen,
Today we are keeping watch.

The version that is sung here is not exactly the same as the one sung by the Red Army Choir, but Ivan Rebroff is such a great artist that he automatically owns this song.

I know these are only two, but listen to these for now and tell me if you're interested, good day mate.