Hi, I'm Draft227, but you can call me only Draft. If you whenever need to chat, talk or have fun just call me! I'm not that interesting but you can chat with me from whenever you want, but mainly Batman (I'm not a fanboy of DC), because he is the best. I like a lot of fictional works, which is reflected on all the stuff I like talking about. 

About Myself

I discovered this Wiki in 2014, when I found out I couldn't to DC characters in Marvel Fanon - my first full time wiki. Uncanny X-Factor, MF's admin, then revealed to me this place. I was welcomed with open arms by my first friend here, The Ultimate Thinker, who made me a much better person and writer. And here I am since then. I try to improve my writing, consistency, and creativity, always, and I'm ever searching for cool content to throw in CR using my nerd knowledge (honestly, not that much) :P

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There are some users among the CR community who I deem my true, amazing friends (even more than many in real life). Here, I list them (in no particular order):

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