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I was coming to it, for fuck's sake, you impatient ball cologne.

So I'm FrenchTouch, obviously that ain't my real name, but if I wanted folk to know it, I wouldn't use a pseudonym. But you can know a whole lot more than that, so let's start together: I'm originary from Nice, France, and still live there, I have joined Wikia in 2013, at the time I have written this, it is the third year anniversary of my arrival on Comic Crossroads, I'm an administrator here, and that's about all there really is to say.


Bloody dick, you truly have no restraint, you gobfucking spy!

Uh, I don't know, I have a BMI of 17.11, people say I look like Jesus, Michel Polnareff or Christophe Lambert, (completely different shit, indeed) I like lasagna, I... I have no idea, mate! Let's go deeper, I guess: I have the two versions of Demo 1, a bottle of Schweppes Indian Tonic by my desk with old batteries in it, a board with subjects of study such as medical shit, historical shit, architectural shit, lotsa' shit, I-I, I live in the middle of a forest in the middle of the countryside in the middle of the most popular region in France outside of Paris, I am knowledgeable on tons of subjects, but I have an extensive expertise in Niçard traditions, video gaming, critique, film industry, martial philosophy and some other shit like, I don't know, cupcake tasting, TV watching? I don't know, do like normal people, start conversations, I got a land of opportunities for you.


So I have to explain myself now, you filthy fucking frivolous piece of incest in a bottle.

I edited shit. Then I built relations, then I mostly stopped editing shit. Then I couldn't leave, because I had relations inside of Wikia that wouldn't have pertained outside Wikia, lack of means oblige, I'm now doing shit it here for as long as people need my help and/or for as long as I can't find a way to maintain those relations outside of Wikia. On Comic Crossroads, I'm an administrator, and I'm basically in-charge of anything code-related. I prefer not to speak of the main page because that's a Damocles' sword. And before you ask, the reason why I write much less here is because I have stopped fanfiction and am going towards more elaborate and professional writing, as in, being able to sell what I write, so I focus more on that.


'Cause you can't speak for shit, you trash-expulsing uretra-eating fossilized foreskin.


Petty comeback even for you, pathetic house of foreign sexual organs.

I'm still taking the time to answer to this question just to be sure: I have no diagnosed conditions. You would probably think that given my perpetual usage of figures that would seem quite bizarre in fact, but, no, though just note that I have no diagnosed conditions, because I have never been auscultated. I will let your fear sink in for a while, thank me later.


You have a point. you fat wanker


Oh I know what you're doing, you're making me come to a realization about you so that I reconciliate with you as shown throughout the flux of questions and answers we've given each other and so that I stop insulting you, eh? Well g'job, congraturation, that worked—Nice literary device, bro.

That's basically what my work here is at that point, I write shit, and I let myself be transported by what I'm writing, so it can be completely different from what I had anticipated, or be a paragon of my perspective on a subject. For the most part, I generally plan things in advance, but sometimes I happen to just go bloody ham. That forged my writing, and even my very way of thinking for the years to come, so here are the examples of it on Comic Crossroads:

  • Crossroads Universe

As it's name suggests, it's a revival of Crossroads, the comic series featuring characters inspired by members of this community, which was part of another project called Earth-619 (which I will come back to), but here again, I let myself go a little, and instead of being just a rewriting of this comic series without the fanfiction elements and more original faces, I have decided to make it into my very own superhero industry, if we may call it that. Instead of doing like everyone else and glorify, make superheroes a complete sensation and legends, I'm plunging most of them in the reality, in which they are as vulnerable as anyone, and don't have anything on anyone else. Where almost godly abilities are reduced to mere differences, and where the biggest enemy of those heroes aren't villains, but the truth that hits them harder than anything ever will. Hence, the name Crossroads, because you know, car crashes, reality, psychoanalyze, and also for everyone is connected and meet each other at one point or another, directly or not. As you may understand from this description, it's gonna be pretty dark, and as I know myself, it's soon gonna be not suitable anymore for Wikia, so I'll have to port it somewhere else to be able to have liberties over my creation. The first page that came in it was Iosepp, the first character of the original Crossroads comic series, but more importantly an autofiction, so it's pretty personal, as you may understand, and it's an introduction to what I call quantum philosophy, to which I will come back later as well.

Critically Credentially Commercial Comics is my project to link my professional life to this wiki. There is one rule to it: It needs to have a critical message, it needs to be denouncing something. That's all, other than that, writers have the rights over their property, and this label watches over these rights and is to be affiliated with them too. Facultatively, it can be used in a commercial manner, sold, marketed, whatever. The point in the end is to share a critical message and that's all. The label itself though is Critically Credentially Commercial Creations, but since Comic Crossroads is about, well, comics, I'm only leaving this here. Of course, it's original content only, no fanfictions, and there is a quality control before any appliances. The first creation to be a part of it my Eschatocracy, a comic series taking on dilemmas, moral ethics, the trouble with civilization, and situations ranging from purely immoral to game-changing. Basically, it's me taking a big shit on our vision of society and a challenge to stop talking about change and just doing it, the name comes from eschaton, and I have to give you the etymology of the etymology of the title now. So, eschaton is the English transliteration of the Greek ἔσχᾰτον, the singular of ἔσχατος; ἔσχατος means the last, hindmost, lowest, deepmost, it's really the most literally profound word you can get, basically. ἔσχᾰτον is used to signify the extreme of that: The end, the farthest, the worst, it's really the best word for the message I want to share with Eschatocracy, and I'm not the only one who thinks so, because in the English language, eschaton is then used to refer to the end of the world. The last, the farthest event in our history, and the worst. Now you don't need to be a genius to know that -cracy refers to a rule, so eschatocracy would translate to the last, the farthest, the worst rule. I'm referring to the entire foundations of society has the apocalypse, basically. That's the best simple description I could give to such a complicated concept. I'm looking at it from a fatalist point of view, sure, but by doing so, I mean to make sure that when you're done reading, you're disgusted of our species, and now that you're disgusted, it turns back on its head to tell you that even with the horrors I've highlighted, there is a hope and a possibility for us to evolve and achieve better ideals, so you accept that our species is being so terrible, but that it's the basis of all evolution. If it wasn't for “bad things,” we never would have gotten anywhere. So that's what Eschatocracy is, by definition.

This is the reality designation for an unnamed space science-fiction collaboration with Draft; quitting fanfiction meant abandoning projects like Earth-19999, and my personal favourite, Earth-4552, all of which collaborations between us two, so, to arrange that, I'm starting a new one with an original premise and original elements. We're trying not to make it too close to series like Star Wars or Star Trek, because we want to put the same vibe we had for Earth-4552, which was the sense of unlimited lore, and near-real world-ish complexity.


Create more neologisms like “oughnna,” boy, that sounds so good. Self-stroking aside, I do have many more projects going on outside of the wiki, but if I want to share my professional ideas with you, then I should actually do it; so here they are.

  • Critically Credentially Commercial Creations

Of course I'm starting with the more obvious. Briefly, it's the concept I detailed earlier, except for everything, books, series, plays, video games, anything related to art.

  • Unnamed Trinity

I put three projects together because they are very similar in the way in which I don't know whether these will be books or comics, I don't know anything outside of their premise, and all three of these ideas issued from dreams (because the folk who direct my dreams have a good fucking imagination.)

The first one, the most improbable one is an heroic fantasy, set in times we could compare to our Renaissance—Indeed, I'm not calling it medieval because the idea is that it will mostly showcase the evolution of the civilization. For example, there will probably be a point where there will be firearms or something in that manner, unlike The Lord of the Rings. I think it's more interesting to focus on the evolution of a people during a crisis rather than just say “well, there are dudes, and shit gets fucked, ta-daa.” I do recognize the genius of The Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire and The Elder Scrolls, but these people really aren't going anywhere, and they are the same through generations upon generations, so there's not much of a sense of accomplishment.

The second one, the one with the best potential, is a detective story. It's pretty simple: Two detectives are trying a name for themselves as they establish themselves on a train, I'm not sure about the time period, but I now that it would be inbetween the nineteenth and this century, either in Britain or the United States, and they will have to look for clients, which is when the good one comes—and I think you know the rest, the big adventure starts and shit unravels. Classic. I have other things in mind but I don't want to spoil the surprise.

The last one, my favourite, is special. Maybe it's a thriller, maybe not. Maybe this book or comic will simply tell a story, maybe it will psychologically profile the readers and come back harder than they can take it. It's about a group of individuals who have nothing to do with each other except for their language (and maybe geographical region,) who just end up together in a white room, white walls, white floor, white beds, white benches, for no known reason, and they just have to coexist with each other, and the story is them living with each other and understanding what's happening for the better or worse. Now there are two ways this could go, either it could go terribly wrong from the get-go and end up bad for the torturees, because white torture is actually quite efficient, or they would manage to establish a link, and stay stimulated, stay cohesive, but in the end all would unravel anyway. It's my favourite for a good reason, and I think there's a lot to be done with it.


I'm a sucker for artistic value, so, of course, I have a lot of other artistic projects that have absolutely nothing to do with comic books, but I deem it's worth talking about.

  • Rap(?) LP

I'm gonna need to explain myself, there, this idea didn't come alone. I've seen many coming up to me so that I could help them with their musical projects, but what I only saw was rap this, rap that. I've seen no one with a real desire to make music, because let's be clear, hip-hop instrumentals have their own thing, but it's nothing like anything else in the musical domain, so I redirected these people, these kids, really, to their lyrics, and for the most part, they don't really understand what rap is about, they don't understand that rap is about having something to say because they're taught something else by the plethora of morons yelling in the name of rap that they fuck everyone in your family because they have bitches and bling, which isn't really rap, that's just lies, all bark and no bite, if you prefer.

So, to counter that, I'm thinking more and more about, well, spitting my own lyrics to teach what rap really is about, and try to get this spread out a little more than rappers like Aesop Rock, if you don't know him, he's very literally the rapper with the largest vocabulary in the game. On 35000 lyrics, Polygraph found him to have used 7392 unique words, and the only one near him is GZA with 6426 unique words used, or more than the book Moby Dick. Basically, he reigns over the world of rap, but he is too obscure. I have the possibility to be more of an outsider, given my background, and my origin, which shouldn't really even matter in rap, but thanks to the rappers we have nowadays, affiliation to something became the definition of rap for many.

Basically, I want to write a LP to assert dominance over the popular rappers of nowadays and go back to the roots of rap, for I prefer to live forever in the past than to keep regressing. Maybe it wouldn't be rap, but I want to give lyrics their artistic value back.

  • Photography

I've found a very special interest lately for the art of photography, indeed, if I could not express myself through paper or canvas, for my drawing skills were terrible, I would express myself through reality. Though for now I am mostly concentrated on taking photos of architecture and landscapes, I will soon include portraits and abstract artworks to the mix. I am working with numerical apparel, but I also have the means for argentic photography (which is too expensive to use all the time yet)

  • Short film features

There's nothing much too say about that one, it's part of my farther objectives, which means it may take well over ten years for me to get there, I have a few ideas and I think I'd be able to do some good production value by myself, I'm trying to start a crew, and that's basically it.

  • Video game developing

Now that's the tip of the top, the cream of the crop, the ultimate artistic project: To develop a video game. I have had many ideas, scrapped, of course, I have a few others that survived, but all in all, it's not happening in a long time. By that time, practically all of you will have children.


Oi mate, thee who are reading this, if you have any questions about me, I'll answer them here if you ask them on my message wall.


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FT.png, I am David. I know this user of the month title is abandoned but even so you did something good, something good for the future of this wiki and for that you have earned yourself this prize along with a power. This maybe later removed but know that all the users on this wiki have much to thank you.

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